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black dragon pearls

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makes 10 cups
64¢ per cup
35¢ per cup
15 full leaf pyramids
Black Dragon Pearls is a rare, hand-rolled variety of black tea with a smooth, rich and chocolatey taste. Hailing from the Yunnan province, this black tea version of the popular Dragon Pearl is comprised of only the highest quality leaves and buds expertly rolled into a large pearl-like shape. Black Dragon Pearls are naturally sweet and smooth, with a touch of earthiness. Subtle cocoa notes whisper gently as each pearl unfurls, delivering a superior tea experience not to be missed. We suggest using 2-3 pearls per cup for the fullest flavor.

Black Tea | High caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes.
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Our teabags contain the same high-quality tea as our loose-tea offerings. Their pyramid shape gives the leaves plenty of room to unfurl and infuse, placing more flavor in each cup. Enjoy the superior flavor of gourmet tea with the convenience of a disposable bag.
15 full leaf pyramids


In Western culture, dragons are the big bads of stories, be it Sleeping Beauty’s shape-shifting Maleficent or The Hobbit’s dwarf-eating Smaug. In China and other Asian countries, dragons are often benevolent creatures, known for their intellect, supernatural powers, and affinity over water. Once used to depict the emperor’s power, they have long been symbols of power and good luck. Sometimes depicted as holding flaming pearls to symbolize their spiritual energy, wisdom, power, and more! They have been key figures in Chinese mythology and culture for thousands of years. It should come as no surprise then that our black dragon pearls come from Yunnan, the birthplace of a beverage nearly as old as the dragon’s themselves.

Raw Honey for Black Teas

tea honey
Layered character of this raw honey is an ideal sweetener for black teas, adding notes of spice and fruit.
honey for black tea

Questions and Answers

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i was wondering about the caffeine in this tea. i am trying to find the highest for my morning tea. thx
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Asked by Heather Wilhelm
on March 6th, 2017

To me this tea tastes like it has some honey in it. Is that because honey is added inside of the 'pearls' or is that just the natural taste from this combination of tea leaves?
Asked by Thomas Hofler
on September 25th, 2020


Direct Trade Advantage

We import our teas direct from the artisan farmers whose names and faces you'll find throughout our catalog. This makes our teas fresher than those offered by the companies who use middlemen and brokers, and also less expensive. Here's a comparison of how much more you'd be paying by buying this tea elsewhere:

85% more expensive
David's Tea:
60% more expensive

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Tasty tea at a terrific price. They have loose tea leaves as well as tea bags, and all the accessories you need to make a delicious cuppa.
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