Spice up your life with Adagio. Whether you're looking to develop your own tea blends or take your cooking to the next level, our spice pantry offers a diverse selection of additions that promise remarkable flavor and incomparable quality. Each of these carefully-selected ingredients is sourced directly from the farmers who produced them.

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photo of butterfly pea flower
butterfly pea flower
Rating: 97
photo of hibiscus flower
hibiscus flower
Rating: 97
photo of lavender flower
lavender flower
Rating: 98
photo of cinnamon spice
cinnamon spice
Rating: 99
photo of safflower
photo of licorice root
licorice root
Rating: 99
photo of burdock
photo of valerian root
valerian root
Rating: 99
photo of rose hips
rose hips
Rating: 96
photo of cocoa nibs
cocoa nibs
Rating: 95
photo of raspberry leaves
raspberry leaves
Rating: 96
photo of aniseed
Rating: 98
photo of orange peels
orange peels
Rating: 96
photo of rose petals
rose petals
Rating: 97
photo of fennel
photo of milk thistle
milk thistle
photo of dandelion root
dandelion root
Rating: 90
photo of steak rub spice
steak rub spice
Rating: 95
photo of ginger spice
ginger spice
Rating: 97
photo of lemon balm
lemon balm
Rating: 95
photo of eucalyptus
Rating: 99
photo of turmeric
photo of senna leaf
senna leaf
photo of cloves spice
cloves spice
Rating: 98
photo of lemon verbena
lemon verbena
photo of spice sampler - floral
spice sampler - floral
only $9
photo of spice sampler - relax
spice sampler - relax
only $9
photo of spice sampler - tummy
spice sampler - tummy
only $9
photo of spice sampler - vitamin C
spice sampler - vitamin C
only $9
photo of spice sampler - chai
spice sampler - chai
only $9
photo of cardamom
Rating: 94