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Showcase your tea in style with our unique display accessories. A glass jar will display tea's radiant colors while shielding it from sun's damaging rays. A teapot warmer will add a soft glow and warmth to your pot of tea. For those preferring their tea packaged in tea bags, we offer two beautiful means of presenting and serving tea. Both the wooden tea chest and the glass and ceramic tea bag holder will display your collection in style.

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photo of glass jar 24oz
glass jar 24oz
score: 97
only $14
photo of glass jar 12oz
glass jar 12oz
score: 98
only $9
photo of tins - 8oz
tins - 8oz
score: 97
only $19
photo of tins seasonal - 4oz
tins seasonal - 4oz
score: 98
only $5
photo of tins - 4oz
tins - 4oz
score: 96
only $14
photo of tea bag display
tea bag display
score: 83
only $9