Tea Blog

Estimating Water Temperature: Part 1
March 31, 2020
If you’ve ventured into the world of delicate teas, you know: NEVER use boiling water. But what if you don’t have a thermometer on hand?
PersonaliTEAs: Earl Grey
March 24, 2020
Welcome to our first round of PersonaliTEAs where you can get to know more about your favorite teas. This time we’re talking about Earl Grey.
A Quick Guide to Pu-Erh Tea
March 18, 2020
Pu-Erh yourself a cup of tea! While other teas dominate the conversation, pu-erh offers a new and exciting experience to longtime tea drinkers and newcomers alike!
Irish Soda Bread Four Ways
March 03, 2020
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are four variations on the traditional recipe, one for each leaf on your luckiest clover!
A Quick Guide to Gaiwans
February 27, 2020
One of the advantages of brewing with a gaiwan is that the brewer is allowed more control over the brewing process than other tea brewing methods.
February 18, 2020
If you’ve ever wished you could spend more time, y’know, not working—say, taking some kind of intermission during the day—then we’ve got great news for you!
Dear Self: Happy Valentine’s Day
February 12, 2020
Valentine’s Day is associated with romantic love, but it is a time that should highlight all types of love: familial, friend, romantic, and self.
CrafTEA: Tea Tin Magnets
February 04, 2020
When you’re looking for a way to commemorate and celebrate happy moments... ways beyond selfies, a new photo album, and birthday cards... what can you do?
A Quick Guide to Mate
January 29, 2020
Your tea journey is about to get more interesting as you delve into the fascinating world of this traditional South American beverage.
The Importance of Brew Time and Water Temperature
January 21, 2020
Say you just started your journey into the tea world—you’re excited to start a hobby that seems pretty easy, but...
Mandalorian Tea Party
January 14, 2020
And what better way is there to enjoy a 9+ movie marathon, full series binge, or rabid re-watching of a new favorite than a tea party?
Matcha 101: Matcha Hacks
January 07, 2020
Welcome back for the final class of Matcha 101!
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