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Recipe: Teaster Marshmallow Rocky Road
April 06, 2021
A fun and sweet way to use this limited-edition Tea!
Elevate Blends With Your Favorite Fruits, Pt. 2
March 30, 2021
Bring your teas up to the next level with flavors from your favorite fruits- part two!
Jim's Corner: Wild Rumpus Review + Bonus Recipe
March 23, 2021
Join the infamous communiTEA member, Jim, in his favorite tea from the February box, plus an honorable mention with a great recipe!
Recipe: Irish Stout Milkshake for St. Patrick's Day
March 16, 2021
Delicious, easy, St. Patrick's Day fun!
Recipe: Honeybush Hazelnut 
with Matcha Honey Cookie
March 09, 2021
A new treat to try for St. Patrick's Day that's a little sweet, a little green, and a little nutty!
Inspired Tea Pairings for your Favorite Books
March 02, 2021
In honor of National Reading Month - a delightful insight of two of the most natural things to pair together: books and tea!
Perfect Tea Pairings to Help You Focus
February 24, 2021
Picking the perfect tea to help you get through your tasks and assignments!
Jim's Corner - CommuniTEA Review: Pu Erh Tahiti
February 16, 2021
Join the infamous communiTEA member, Jim, in his favorite tea from the January box!
Recipe: Daydream Champagne Jelly
February 09, 2021
A Daydreamy-romantic jelly recipe just in time for Valentine's Day. Plus, a bonus scone recipe to serve it on- yum!
Valentine’s Gift Guide: Teas for Every Date
February 02, 2021
Of course, we know that everyone’s perfect date looks a little different, so to help you plan your perfect night, we’ve come up with tea-themed gift ideas for every kind of date.
A Quick Guide to Herbal Tea
January 26, 2021
If you’re looking to expand your palate beyond true teas, give herbal teas a try!
Teas For A Sweet Tooth
January 19, 2021
Teas to enjoy any time of day for those looking for that sweet little something.