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Our Chamomile tea be made 'o thar finest chamomile flowers from yonder Nile River Valley in Egypt. Considered a remedy fer all ills by ye ancient Egyptians, this golden herb remains a modern fav'rit to promote calm 'n relieve anxiety. When steeped, these fragrant chamomile blossoms smell 'o freshly cut apples 'n produce a rich, golden cup wit' calmin' flavor 'n sweet, floral finish. Our Chamomile tea be made wit' whole flower pieces 'n produces a delicious, caffeine-free infusion. It may also be served wit' a dash 'o honey.

Herbal Tea | No caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.
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Fresh From Origin

In French, thar word fer apple be “pomme.” From this word, we get yonder French word fer potato, “pomme de terre,” or earth apple. In ancient Greece, they also talked 'bout earth apples, but they didn’t mean potatoes. They were talkin' 'bout chamomile, so named fer tis' apple-like fragrance 'n taste. ye chamomile plant itself be thin 'n long-stemmed wit' small, white flowers similar to daisies. te' key ingredient in sleepy time teas thar world over, chamomile be most known fer tis' calmin' properties, perfect fer yer final bedtime cup.

Raw Honey for Herbals

tea honey
A gentle, whisper-light character of this raw honey makes it a perfect sweetener for delicate herbals.
honey for garden herbals

Part of herbal garden sampler

sampler set
Explore a variety of teas with our popular sampler set. Four teas included are: chamomile, lemon grass, peppermint, spearmint
herbal garden
will make 20 cups

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Does this tea help you sleep?
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Asked by Brian Breeden
on January 16th, 2017


Direct Trade Advantage

We import our teas direct from the artisan farmers whose names and faces you'll find throughout our catalog. This makes our teas fresher than those offered by the companies who use middlemen and brokers, and also less expensive. Here's a comparison of how much more you'd be paying by buying this tea elsewhere:

David's Tea:
90% more expensive

Meet our chamomile farmer, Salah Abdl-Azim AL-Esh

To ensure the best quality and value, we import our teas directly from the countries in which they are grown, working closely with the farmers who tender them. Our Roots Campaign connects our customers with the rich stories and the farmers behind some of our most popular teas.

How long have you been growing tea?
3 years.
What got you started in the Tea industry?
My parents own a small piece land and all the village is professional in growing Chamomile. It is part of our life in winter.
Can you describe a typical day out in the field. How many hours would that be?
During the Chamomile harvest season, I go pick flowers either before school or after school hours; sometimes I do both before and after. As you know, EL SHEIH (a local word for Chamomile in Arabic) can only be collected in the early hours of the day or late in the afternoon (after Asr prayer); otherwise, it breaks and, as my father always say, we loose the good looks of the intact whole flower. It takes me 2 hours in the morning or 3 hours in the afternoon to collect a plot this size (about 1/20 an acre) and I would collect about 20kilos.

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September 9, 2021
Easy to find products.... except apricot tea with a black tea base.
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