hsinchu oriental beauty

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hsinchu oriental beauty
Beautiful leaves of white, green, yellow, red and brown make up this top grade Formosa Oriental Beauty oolong from Hsinchu County, in northwestern Taiwan. Highly oxidized, yet super smooth, the layered cup offers much to delight. Summer fruits like peach and nectarine, with a soft sweetness of honey and dwell in these leaves. Our Hsinchu Oriental Beauty bears a clean mouthfeel that gently reveals each nuance like an unfolding blossom, and a slight mineral finish.

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Fresh From Origin

In addition to careful crafting by tea masters, the production of Oriental Beauty is also heavily influenced by insects. The leaf hopper bites the leaves, causing a chemical reaction and beginning oxidation, leading to the development of delicate honey sweet flavors and fragrances. After the one bud and two leaves are plucked, the tea is heavily oxidized and withered.

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How much would tea would you add per cup?
Asked by Joanne Weiler
on Oct 3rd '16

How much caffeine does this tea have?
Asked by Pepper Levinson
on May 19th '17

I received the tea today can someone tell me how much tea to use per cup?
Asked by Debbie Schoffstall
on May 2nd '18

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