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Shop online for tea makers, brewers and infusers that enhance the process of preparing loose-leaf tea to make it simple, fun and easy. The bottom-dispensing ingenuiTEA tea brewer filters tea in seconds. Biodegradable paper filters eliminate the mess of brewing loose tea directly in a teapot or a cup. The stainless steel infuser can be steeped in almost any cup for your loose-leaf tea fix in the office or on the go.

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photo of ingenuiTEA
score: 98
only $24
photo of velociTEA tea maker
velociTEA tea maker
score: 96
only $99
photo of folding infuser
folding infuser
score: 98
only $14
photo of paper tea filters
paper tea filters
score: 97
only $5
photo of ingenuiTEA 2
ingenuiTEA 2
score: 98
only $29
photo of iced ingenuiTEA
iced ingenuiTEA
score: 98
only $34
photo of teforia
score: 97
only $499