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Teforia infuser combines the knowledge of a tea master with the best in modern technology, deploying the precise time, temperature, and water needed to brew the perfect cup. For every kind of tea -every time- Teforia inputs an ideal set of variables to infuse a perfect cup of tea. Simply scan a Sips container (or measure out your own tea), pour the leaves into the Infusion Globe, push the Start button, and let the Teforia handle the rest. Your perfect cup of tea awaits.


teforia pods

Dream of Iris
A smooth cup with hints of toast and caramel.
dream of iris
12 pods
Genmai Cha
Toasty, nutty, vegetal, with a rich, smooth finish.
NOTE: JAN 2018 Expiration Date
genmai cha
12 pods
Golden Nectar
A complex tea with notes of yellow peach, red grapes, and warm toast.
golden nectar
12 pods
Iron Age of Wisdom
Notes of fruit compote, molasses, and tangerine.
iron age of wisdom
12 pods
Jade Dragon
Honeysuckle, with notes of graham cracker, cinnamon, and orchids.
jade dragon
12 pods
Sencha Blast
Tender asparagus, slight brothy umami flavor, smooth finish.
NOTE: JAN 2018 Expiration Date
sencha blast
12 pods
Siren's Song
A smooth, but complex tea redolent of honeyed peaches and oatmeal cookies.
siren's song
12 pods
Velvet Rubies
Ripe plum and dried apricot.
velvet rubies
12 pods
Wild Centennial
Highlights of stone fruit, especially yellow peach, with hints of red apple.
wild centennial
12 pods
teforia accessories

replacement parts

Loved your carafe so much it cracked from over use? In need of a new water filter? No worries, we've got you covered with your Teforia replacement parts.

infusion globe

Questions and Answers

Ask a question about teforia and have the Adagio Teas community offer feedback.

Can you set a brew delay or timer?
Asked by Melanie DeFalco
on May 5th '18

Is the water reservoir glass or plastic?
Asked by Seth Draeger
on May 31st '18

If you use your own tea (instead of the pods), do you not have to scan anything to start?
Asked by Anna Weimer
on Jun 17th '18

Will there ever be more organic tea sips options available?
Asked by Joel Norsworthy
on May 27th '18

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