paper tea filters

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paper tea filters
100 filters
Enjoy loose tea anywhere with these tea accessories... convenient and easy-to-use disposable empty tea bags. An elongated back makes filling-up easy, and requires no filter holder, making the tea ball obsolete. Simply fold over the edge of your cup or teapot. Made in Germany of taste-neutral wood and hemp fibers. The filters are 7 inches tall, 3 inches wide. Each box contains 100 filters.

Customer Reviews (2913)

Questions and Answers

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How do they 'tie off'?
Asked by Mark Hoy
on Jul 22nd '16

Do these paper filters treated with epichlorohydrin? Are there any plastics in this filter?
Asked by Mary Ellen Silva
on Apr 6th '16

when will you offer two or three sizes of paper tea filters?
Asked by William Lavery
on Apr 14th '16

Why did the price go up???
Asked by Traci Rabinowitz
on Jun 2nd '16

I am looking for a smaller size that we can offer in our 'to go' cups of tea at our coffee shop. Do you have a smaller size?
Asked by The Gathering Grounds Bakery & Coffee Shoppe
on Nov 12th '16

Would it be possible for you to offer smaller bags with a drawstring?
Asked by Kathy Wooten
on Oct 19th '16

Are these one's for the pot of tea?. Do you still have the single cup tea filter bags?. Or is it just one size now?
Asked by Michelle Booker
on Nov 26th '17

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