20 Best Teas to Pair with Steak

August 04, 2020

by Jessica Child

You’ve made a perfect, fancy steak dinner, all the right sides, and invited only the best guests (especially you). There’s only one thing left to include: the tea pairing!

It’s not the most classical beverage to pair with your steak, but it’d be a real mis-steak to miss out on it! We’re serving up some recommendations on the best teas to enjoy alongside that steak dinner you’ve been planning all week—or at the last minute during a sale. You can take these suggestions with the whole handful of finishing salt.

If your steak is…

Served with potatoes

For this starchy classic, you’ll want a tea that can stand its own with earthy flavors to complement the whole dish. For a caffeinated kick, try Lapsang Souchong, with its slightly cooling smokiness.

For a caffeine-free twist, pair your meal with the dessert-flavored Rooibos Pecan Turtle.

Served with a creamy salad and homemade bread

OK, sometimes it’s just the nice bread from the store or bakery, and it absolutely counts.

For this timeless, subtle combo kept separate or in sandwich form, Yunnan Pu Erh White is a perfect accompaniment for sensitive palettes to enjoy sweet and peppery flavors together.

If you’ve gone the sandwich route, with condiments like horseradish and a spring mix to accompany your steak, our Daydream blend can turn your perfect sandwich into a picnic with each sip!

For a tea that can jam with your toast, if you’ve managed to nab Berry Creme Compote during its spring season, it will be a delightful match for round two, breakfast, and beyond! (If not, it's now found on the rewards page in exchange for 100 points).

Served with a fruity salad or sweet vegetables

When you’ve really nailed your side dish, support it with strong citrus and fruit notes with either Mandarin Green or White Strawberry Basil.

Alternatively, Decaf Raspberry matches fruity flavors with decaf Ceylon to match every feature of your plate. With its decaf twist and awesome iced tea potential, you can keep sipping this blend well into the night!

Served with your home-made garnish, such as a chimichurri

Vegetal garnishes will be in good company with teas such as Kuchika with its strong, grassy and vegetal flavors featuring a hint of sweetness and nuttiness.

Otherwise, allow your tea to take a more supportive role with Green Rooibos’ mellow, sweet notes.

Cool off with something a little more refreshing with Casablanca Twist’s take on minty Moroccan Tea.

If you’ve prepared something a little spicier, allow Double Ginger to pair effortlessly with the most powerful of peppers!

Made with lots of butter and herbs and garlic, like the chefs on tv, it’s easy to serve Genmai Cha—a green tea made with popped rice—alongside this dish. Not only is it savory, but it also has flavors reminiscent of popcorn that are happy to accompany your best toppings!

Painstakingly dry-aged

For a meal that’s been carefully aged, its tea counterpart, Pu-Erh, isn’t afraid to match it with woody, earthy, and mushroom flavors for a brew as special as your main feature.
Pu-Erh Poe offers more mellow flavors that can be diluted if they’re still too competitive, and its forgiving nature gives you a chance to get distracted with the rest of your prep work consequence-free.

If fermented Pu-Erh isn’t quite right for you, reach for a more classic black tea: Fujian Baroque!
This brew holds its own with complex and wonderful cocoa and fruitiness that won’t take you too far from your steak.

For a wine-like option, Darjeeling Puttabong Summer brings summery, grape and wine fragrances with earthy notes that will be sure to pair with all of your fancy meal plans!

Well-crisped over a grill or in a cast iron

With these long-revered preparations, any tea from our Coffee Addict Teas collection will make a great choice! These strong, earthy flavors will have no trouble matching any steak.

Once your steak is ready and resting, begin brewing your tea. This gives you a bit of time to prepare your brew, steep it, and let the temperature drop just enough to enjoy. You can also cold-brew most teas for a more efficient timeline! As with any part of dinner, either option should give you a chance to try your tea to make sure it’s just right and make any adjustments.

Sitting with your steak, remember to take in time to realize you’ve worked hard, and you deserve your fancy dinner. You did a fantastic job, and you can be proud!