15 Tasty Twists on the Arnold Palmer

May 25, 2021

by Jessica Child

When life gives you lemons—or the store has an irresistible sale, it’s only logical to bring out the tea. While Arnold Palmer left us a wonderful mix, there’s always room for play on a favorite. Adagio's wide selection of teas means you can make truly amazing twists with this combo!

A mix that’s just Peachy

Peach brings black tea, lemonade, and a summer fruit favorite together in perfect harmony. This swap isn’t afraid to perk up your mood, energy levels, and the summertime feeling—even if it’s not warm at all anymore!

Sweet and Herbacious

White Strawberry Basil is an excellent choice to add a unique, subtle flair to your favorite fresh lemonade bringing strawberry alongside its friend, herby basil! This may need to be brewed a little stronger and used at a higher concentration than 50% to truly shine. For a lemonade lover, strawberry basil will add a bit of fun to your glass without losing the best of your painstakingly squeezed lemonade.

Keeping up with the Anti-oxidants

Don’t let your green tea sit this one out in your cupboard! Citrus Mint Green lets the zest of citrus pick you up while giving you a gentle buzz that lasts, lasts, and lasts long after you’ve had to make the next batch. For this pair, using honey to help sweeten it up a little might just make this a magic event.

Herbal Blends

With these caffeine-free blends that naturally complement lemonade, this pairing is easy and will be at home in your glass at any time of day! Since these herbal teas are primarily made with dried fruit and herbs, these blends will feel a lot more like adding fruit directly to your drink without all the cleanup and repeated sifting for seeds.

When citrus’s best buddy sounds like it could be citrus, Blood Orange will make an excellent go-to pairing with the lemon and orange playing off of each other’s strengths.

If lavender lemonade calls to you but you’re not in a “buying fresh lavender and making syrup” mood, try Lavender Lemon for this tried and true pairing!

For a sure-fire hit, Raspberry Patch brings in a fruity punch that can equally complement lemonade and make this drink delightful.

In the image of a mint limonana without the blender work (or, flat out, without the blender), beloved Spearmint always goes hand-in-hand with lemonade. It’s like those charming glasses of water with mint leaves and lemon slices, but this brings the ratios to where they should be.

Our brand-new purple iced tea, Purple Papayaberry would be a fun, colorful addition to this summer! It's an amethyst infusion of fruity deliciousness, it is as refreshing as getting caught in a papaya and blackberry rainstorm on a hot summer day. A delight with lemonade, for sure!

One with that "Je ne sais quoi"

If you’re hoping to try something a little more fun without straying too far from perfection, Darjeeling Sungma Summer and Assam Harmony will make a familiar combo taste just a little more interesting.

Darjeeling Sungma carries flavors of a type of grape, muscatel, and warm spice that makes it a favorite all on its own and a fabulous match for lemons.

Assam Harmony rings a similar tune but with the flavor of dates, a sweet friend to lemon’s bright citrus.

Each of these teas brings its own strengths to glass and will make a wonderful companion for your fruity drink!

Perfect for Nighttime

Honeybush Wild Berry carries the blue ribbon for a great flavor profile all on its own that complements lemons just right but will still let you sleep tight at night. Of course, to round it out, try enjoying it with something a little sweet such as cookies. Any sweet will do, and we’d recommend our honey rooibos and berry white for a satisfying evening treat.

Iced Tea Pouches - couldn't be easier!

In the mood where even washing off the spoon feels like too much? No problem, we’ve all been there! Our iced tea pouches aren’t a compromise at all with options across the board. Mango Iced Tea brings in a fun tropical flair, and
Melonberry Green Iced Tea lets you have your green and sip it, too.

Blue Mango is a caffeine-free option that is fun for everyone.

In fact, most of our iced tea options will be a fantastic option, so check out our Best Sellers in iced tea form to see which one looks just right for you!

However you like to enjoy your Arnold Palmers, we hope this article gives you the confidence to enjoy a blend you haven’t before. Better yet, we hope you win the “Lemonade Maker” title amongst those worthy of your excellent drinks!