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melonberry green iced tea

Based on 129 reviews
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melonberry green iced pouch
Flavor-packed, fruitalicious, sweet, juicy, tart, and refreshing. These are just a few words that describe Watermelon-berry Green tea, a perfect summer time treat. Watermelon and Strawberry flavors blend with refreshing Green tea, creating a perfect combination to cool you down and wake your taste buds up. Best served iced with a sprig of spearmint, to elevate the wow factor! Makes 32 ounces.

Green Tea | Moderate caffeine | Quart of water and refrigerate overnight.

Customer Reviews (129)


Ingredients & Lore

blended with green tea, apple pieces, hibiscus, strawberries, natural watermelon flavor & natural strawberry flavor

Everyone knows that strawberries and watermelon are the perfect summer treat. Juicy, refreshing, and sweet, they go great in salads, jams, iced treats, and of course, in tea. What you might not know is that strawberries are not actually real berries. Known as “aggregate accessory” fruits, they carry their seeds on the outside and are made from different parts of the plant than real berries. Watermelons, on the other hand, are a type of berry known as a pepo, alongside pumpkins, squash, passionfruit, and cucumbers. No matter what you call them though, we just know they’re great in tea.

Questions and Answers

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It says here to put in water & refrigerate overnight, but the pouch says to steep 3-5 min @ 212°.Which is it?
Asked by Lisa Miller
on June 17th, 2018

Is this tea vegan?
user icon
Asked by Kristi Bilderback
on January 7th, 2022

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