Teas for Plant Lovers

April 27, 2021

by Jessica Child

It starts with one charming little pot while you’re grabbing something from the hardware store or the grocery store. Just the one. Suddenly, you’ve picked your next apartment or house because it has the right lighting for your nursery-sized plant collection. If you’ve done all that work to make them so happy, then you may as well add a chair, right? Then what?

Tea! Always tea!

Gateway Pothos & Monsteras

Whether it’s a Manjula, a golden, or you’ve gone and found a global green, we’ve all at least had a pothos at some point. It’s often that or the Monstera, deliciosa especially with its massive split leaves making a statement in any room. These gateway aroids lull you in with the thought you could be happy with just one.

Their perfect sip should be something easy as they are. Sit back with your pothos to a cup of White Peach! This tea brews up to a perfect shade with timid white tea that pairs with all your pothos and colorful Monsteras alike!

For those with big, green leaves and the occasional gentle variegation, try Golden Flower, with its sweet, floral, creaminess sure to impress even the tree-sized Monstera.

If you’ve fallen for some of the other pothos like the Scindapsus genus, try Milk Oolong! With all the subtle, beautiful variations of Scindapsus, Milk Oolong brings in the same deep greens matched with subtle creamy notes. Of course, this also makes a perfect match for similar contrasts of deep greens and creams!


For your fuzzy philodendrons, from the squamiferum to verrucosum to fibrosum and beyond, Matcha Peach will pick you up and make you feel tall! These fuzzy fruited notes are perfect with matcha’s vegetal flavors for a tea session with your favorite furball plants!

Big fluffy philodendrons that stand tall all on their own like a good ol’ pastazanum or any Thaumatophyllum make any room an instant jungle. Highlight those big leaves with Sleeping Dragon! These pearls, like that tiny baby that now dwarfs your couch, grow with a bit of water and patience. This delicate tea tones down the vegetal flavors to let fruity, smokey notes shine brighter.

Dainty, climbing philodendrons such as the heartleaf demand a lighter cup with White Symphony! This version of White Peony tea features floral and honeydew-like flavors that are perfect to celebrate the more understated growers.

Welcome to the jungle!

Before you know it, the entire range of tropical plants are in your house and, when possible, garden. In every corner is a plant with different ruffled leaves, or with a different presentation of white variegation, or with a more yellow shade than the one next to it. Fuzzy stems, velvet leaves, striped and spotted stems. Temperamental Calatheas and Fittonias throwing and dropping leaves everywhere. The fiddle leaf fig that proved it is a tree after all and the fiddle leaf fig that only wanted to be a twig. Your collection highlights Alocasias, Colocasias, Caladiums, Amydriums, Hoyas, Tradescantia, Begonias, Syngoniums, and plenty of species nobody can pronounce—absolutely anything wonderful you can fit on a shelf!

If your tea corner holds a piece of every jungle in the world, then one brew simply won’t do: You’ll need a full collection. Our Green Reas Portion Sampler lets you enjoy a range of brews that will all be excellent choices from Jasmine Phoenix Pearls to Gyokuro to Kukicha. You can sample through these and pick your favorites or just keep enjoying the variety, box after box!


Sweet orchids, climbing through rocks, decaying matter, and—most commonly—trees. This group encompasses such a beautiful array of plants known most especially for their blooms, interesting shapes, and stunning foliage that provide us with eye candy, fragrant blooms, and even vanilla beans!

These wonders aren’t subtle, and your cup shouldn’t be, either. Celebrate the floral wonder of these gems with Darjeeling Sungma Summer, which brings aromatic and floral notes with hints of sugar and spice that leave a balanced, sweet finish.

Alternatively, go all-in on the vanilla with Vanilla Oolong! Sweet oolong and vanilla are a fantastic duo in this brew that celebrates vanilla’s greatest strengths. If you’re looking for that vanilla punch without the caffeine, Rooibos Vanilla is no slouch bringing a cup that’s craveable all on its own or a delightful base for your own blends!

Air Plants

We all found out, at some point, you have to water these, they don’t actually live on air alone. If you do, you might be rewarded with pale, sweet blooms and a range of subtle beauty through their leaves. White Blueberry Iced Tea is the perfect option to mull over the finer details of these small friends with bright, flavorful blueberries to brighten up your day! Unlike your air plants, this tea doesn’t mind being left in water. Let it steep in the fridge overnight and enjoy it all day, no re-brews necessary!


From snake plants to bright red Echeveria to wonderful Agave and Aloe, succulent lovers enjoy a vast array of interesting plants that have adapted to some of the most extreme conditions in the world!

This is another one of those groups that’s just too big to boil down to one brew. Our Herbal Portions Sampler is a great choice for those who love the thicker leaves in life. With options that are soothing, brightly colored, well-known and unique, smooth, spicy, or tangy, this sampler features a host of teas that are as full-bodied as your favorite friend in your brightest window!

For all the unique stems and leaves

All living things offer an unbelievable range of life and adaptions. Plants are no exception. Even if your friends don’t fall on this list, check out our Spring Teas Sampler to help you get a jumpstart on finding your perfect personal photosynthesizing sips! These bright, spring sunshine flavors can bring out the wonder of any collection!

Just, whatever you do, do not let them know what, precisely, tea is.