Elevate Blends with Your Favorite Fruits, Pt. 1

January 12, 2021

by Abby Morrison

The world of tea is vast, with nearly infinite flavors to try. Last time, we talked about blends to elevate your seven favorite herbs. This time, we’re taking things to a different part of the garden, with your favorite fruits and veggies. If you’re looking for new flavors to jazz up your tea routine with delicious fruits and veggies, look no further.


While you might not be able to grow a coconut tree in your home garden, putting it in your tea is a great way to bring a little taste of the tropics into your home. Known for its sweetness and creaminess, it can be used in combination with other tropical fruits to add a fruity spin or come alongside stronger flavors to lighten them up or smooth them out.

Some of our favorite coconut tea recommendations include: Coconut, Coconut Grove Pouchong, White Tropics, Rooibos Tropics, Thai Tea, Thai Chai, White Ayurvedic Chai, White Chai, Chili Lime Greem, and our Pina Colada tisane.

If you want to use coconut in your own blends, it’s hearty enough to go well with anything from a white tea to black teas and oolongs. It also goes well with other fruity flavors like pineapple, mango, or papaya.


Another fruit you may not be accustomed to seeing in your tea (or garden) is pineapple. In nature, they grow on bushes, with the fruit growing out of a nest of spiky, triangular leaves. In tea, they add a sweet, tropical flair, similar to its close friend coconut, though with a sharper, stronger kind of sweetness.

If you’d like to give pineapple a go, we suggest White Eternal Spring, White Tropics, this Momiji blend (a Fruits Basket fandom favorite), Buddha’s Dream , Kona Pineapple, White Ayurvedic Chai, White Chai, Rooibos Tropics, Decaf Tropics, and our Pina Colada herbal blend.

Because of its lightness, pineapple tends to lend itself better to lighter teas, such as greens and whites. It goes well with other tropical fruits like coconut, mango, and papaya, though it can also blend well with cream and berry flavors to add a touch of acidity.


Watermelon is a large, thick-rinded melon (also a pepo) that grows along the ground on large vines. Sweet, juicy, and crisp, it goes great in salads, sorbets, as a grilled side, or fresh. In tea, it adds its characteristic rich sweetness to the blend.

We offer it in several teas, including our Melonberry Green- where it is paired with strawberry, and the sweet, juicy, and refreshing Watermelon Cooler. Both available in iced versions, too!

Our watermelon is only offered within an existing tisane (Watermelon Cooler) for custom blends, but you can still pair it with other fruity flavors or light white and green teas to create your perfect cup.


In the world of fruit, for many, apple reigns supreme. Coming in a huge variety of sizes, colors, and flavors, they can range from tart to sweet to crisp or tender. Red apples, which are generally sweeter than green apples, tend to work a little better in teas, where their sweetness can mingle with savory spices like cinnamon or cardamom, bring a refreshing spark to a spring or summer tea, or bring to mind year-round mouthwatering favorites like candied apples, maple donuts, turtle sundaes, and butterscotch.

For apple teas, we suggest our Autumn Mist Green, Bonfire, Honeybush Banana Nut, Spiced Apple Chai, Maple Creme Oolong, Butterscotch, Candy Apple, Rooibos Cinnamon Apple, or our Sour Apple tisane, though with over seventy apple-filled teas in our collection, this is just the beginning.

For custom blends, since apple is both light and crisp and sweet and sturdy, it holds up well in almost any tea. It goes well with florals for more delicate teas, spices for stronger teas, and nearly any kind of fruit or herb if you’re looking to craft a tisane.

So there you have it: an introduction to some of our favorite flavor possibilities from the produce aisle. If these don’t float your boat, however, there are still more to come. Stay tuned and make sure to join us for part two of our favorite fruit and veggie flavors. And if you discover your new favorite flavor, make sure to let us know on social @adagioteas!