Quick Guide to Wellness Teas

January 12, 2023

by Abigail Porch

With the most bitter winter months here and the piercingly cold air making its return, so does the all too familiar threat of getting sick. December to February is peak flu season, and according to the CDC, 5 to 20% of the U.S population is infected with the flu each year.

What should be remembered as the most wonderful time of the year, is oftentimes the most unpleasant when everyone around you is either sniffling, sneezing, coughing, or aching. Thankfully, Adagio has teas containing specific ingredients known to help fend off germs and soothe any lingering symptoms.

Immune Warriors

Antioxidants are a type of micronutrient that is known for fighting free radicals in the body, and thereby strengthening normal immune function. Adagio’s line of Wellness Teas have a plethora of options with antioxidant rich ingredients that can help support immune function and make you less susceptible during cold and flu season.

A cup of tea a day keeps the doctor away– try being proactive and drinking one of these herbal tea blends prior to, or at the first onset of symptoms to keep sickness at bay.

1. Elderberry Wine

As the name suggests, this tart and sweet tea is bold in flavor and bold in immune boosting effects thanks to the inclusion of Elderberry, which is packed with both vitamins and antioxidants. Additional antioxidant rich ingredients include Rose Hips, which are an excellent source of Vitamin C, as well as Echinacea and Lemongrass.

2. Speedy Recovery

This restorative elixir is powered by Ginger, which is commonly used for fighting cold and flu. This tea blend also contains Licorice Root, Marigold Flower, Black Peppercorn and Cloves which have all been highlighted for their anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

3. Tea-Tox

Take a holistic approach to flush out the toxins, and the germs for that matter, with this blend containing Milk Thistle, Burdock Root, and Cinnamon. Research has found connections between these ingredients and their associated antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial effects.

4. Moringa

This earthy, and pleasantly tangy tea is made from pure Moringa oleifera plant leaves. With a reputation for having a strong nutritional profile, this is a top choice for Adagio consumers alike.

Breath of Fresh Air

Nobody likes feeling stuffy and congested. Our lungs work so hard for us to breathe, so it can become quite scary when a cold or flu hinders these abilities. Show your respiratory system some love and keep your throat and lungs working as they should with the help of two of Adagio’s best– Breathe Well and Throat Therapy.

5. Breathe Well

The Peppermint in this tea blend is known for decongesting nasal passages, while the tag team efforts of Eucalyptus and Mullein Leaf are believed to have medicinal uses aiding the lungs in the form of suppressing coughs and relieving respiratory distress.

6. Throat Therapy

Slippery Elm is the star of the show with century old remedial effects for coating and soothing the mouth, throat and GI tract.

Support Gut Health

Immune system function is suspected to have a strong tie to gut and digestive health. For anyone who frequently experiences gastrointestinal distress, research suggests that consistently consuming items with anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce discomfort as well as build up immunity. And for those days when nausea sneaks up on you, Adagio’s teas Happy Belly and Minty Comfort will be your new best friend.

7. Happy Belly

This tea blend packs a powerful punch with inflammation reducing ingredients including Licorice Root, Chicory Root, and Ginger. In combination with nausea reducing Senna Leaf and Aniseed, you have the ultimate stomach soothing remedy.

8. Minty Comfort

On a cold, snowy, sickly night, all we want is comfort. The cooling, minty sensation from Peppermint Leaves and Eucalyptus is commonly used to ease stomach aches and pains. Other ingredients Echinacea and Lemongrass add another beneficial layer as they are believed to help fight off flu symptoms and may promote healthy digestion.