5 Perfect Teas for Early Fall

September 28, 2021

by Kimberley K

Fall has started to arrive! We know that as the weather changes and the leaves change color, you’ll all be looking for a tea that better suits the weather. A tea that keeps you warm and toasty as the air starts to cool. Luckily Adagio has lots of teas and tisanes that are perfect for early fall no matter what your taste in tea is. I guarantee Adagio has something that you will love and will definitely keep you cozy this coming fall and way into winter as well.

Pu-Erh Spice

Pleasantly perky spices add warmth and sweetness to the mellow mineral notes of Pu-Erh. Sweet cinnamon and anise with tingly ginger liven up the palate while soothing the soul.

Now we know not everyone out there is a fan of Pu-Erh but for those of you who are, this blend with a strong/heart base, heartwarming spices and a hint of citrus is a great companion for a chilly autumn day.

Again this can be enjoyed on its own, with just a touch of your favorite sweetener or as a latte. It's a great blend to experiment with and it’s also a fantastic blend to try if you are wanting to try Pu-Erh and you aren’t quite ready to try it on its own.


Hojicha is a green tea from Japan that is rendered brown by roasting Bancha (a summer crop tea, harvested after Sencha) tea leaves.

An Adagio customer favorite with a toasty, nutty flavor and slightly mesquite note. It has an earthy and warm quality with a soothing, clean finish. While Hojicha makes a great everyday tea all year round, its flavor profile is certainly best suited to fall without being overly strong and heavy.

It’s definitely a bonus that this tea can be re-steeped a few times too, should you want to carry through the day with you, or re-steep while you are traveling. This is also great to steep in milk overnight and make a super Hojicha latte with.

Fujian Baroque

Fujian Baroque is a black tea grown at 800 meters above sea level in the Fujian province of China. Its general attributes are similar to the Golden Monkey, but the leaf is finer and the aroma even more pronounced.

The exquisite tapestry of naturally sweet cocoa notes, fruitiness, and glimmers of spice are unmatched by any other tea. Softly sweet and velvety, with leafy autumn notes and a soft, mineral aftertaste. This is the perfect black tea to sip on under a blanket on a rainy autumn afternoon, with your coziest pajamas on and a pumpkin scented candle.

This can be steeped in both western-style and gongfu style. Should you want to steep this gongfu style we recommend doing so by a window with a view of the rain and falling autumn leaves to fully immerse yourself not only in the experience of this tea but also the season of fall itself be present for that time and take a moment to relax your body and mind.

Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Cinnamon lovers rejoice! For we have the Chai blend for you. Adagio's Cinnamon Rooibos Chai takes the heat of cinnamon and balances it beautifully with the natural smooth, mellow quality of the Rooibos.

This is a naturally caffeine-free treat that is perfect for autumn evenings when you are wanting to wind down for the night but still need that one last cuppa for the night.

You can enjoy this on its own, but it also makes for a fantastic latte for a more indulgent treat! All you have to do is add your chosen sweetener and a splash of frothed milk or cream. If you’re really looking for a super after-dinner treat throughout the fall, definitely top with some whipped cream and a dusting of chocolate or cinnamon. This would be a great drink to make for guests that may not be fans of tea but love those fall flavors.

Yunnan Gold

Yunnan Gold black tea (also known as Dian Hong) is easily identified by its abundance of soft golden tips, savory cocoa, and black pepper flavors. This artisan tea hails from the Yunnan province of China, the birthplace of tea itself.

Adagio's high-grade Yunnan Gold is milk chocolate creamy and sweet, with pleasant pepper notes. The flavor becomes earthier and more layered as it cools. A soft, rounded cup that is silky and perfect. I think this is the perfect smooth black tea to sip on on a chilly autumn morning as a way to kickstart your day slowly and keep you going through to the afternoon.

Sure, English Breakfast is great for the morning, But it's nowhere near as complex as a Yunnan Gold and will not give you sweetness, malted milk biscuit notes, or a soft and silky mouthfeel. Take your breakfast tea to a whole new level and treat your taste buds to this tea.