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portions sampler - oolong teas

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portions sampler - oolong
12 x 1-cup samples
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Discover a new world a flavor with our Portions Sampler Set. This set makes it easy to try twelve of our best selling teas, each perfectly pre-measured for a convenient loose leaf tea experience. This set includes:

raja oolong chai - The rich complexity of oolong tea lays a smooth foundation for a majestic cup, packed with savory spice notes and hypnotic aroma. [High caffeine]
peach oolong - Naturally lush, fruity Taiwanese oolong paired with succulent peach. Fragrant, sweet, smooth and fruit-floral. [Moderate caffeine]
maple creme oolong - We've blended the smooth clean taste of oolong with the subtle sweet flavor of maple and rounded it all off with a hint of creme. [Moderate caffeine]
jade oolong - Lightly oxidized oolong with fresh green-floral aroma, sweet flavor, and delicate texture. [Moderate caffeine]
golden flower - Savor its lingering, layered nuances as an everyday, oasis of serenity tea. [Moderate caffeine]
fujian rain - High fired, medium grade oolong with a rich-tasting amber cup and nuances of minerals, apricots and spice. [Moderate caffeine]
formosa oolong - Deep raisiny and ripe fruit aroma, autumn 'leafy' note with a lingering flavor and smooth, refreshingly fruity astringency. [Moderate caffeine]
ali shan - Warm sugar and deeply layered floral aromas, with a melting, creamy mouthfeel. Mellow and light-bodied. [Moderate caffeine]
almond oolong - Savory almond with Taiwan oolong tea. Smooth, nutty aroma, full and rounded body, sweet marzipan flavor. [Moderate caffeine]
coconut grove pouchong - Our velvety smooth pouchong lays the perfect foundation for the tropical flavor of coconut to shine. [Moderate caffeine]
ti kuan yin - Warm, soft and soothingly mineral in texture. Notes of toasted walnut and tender collard greens. [Moderate caffeine]
wuyi ensemble - Honey-floral flavor and nutty, with white sesame, sweetened burdock root, or barley. [Moderate caffeine]

Customer Reviews (156)

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