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portions sampler - black teas

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portions sampler - black
12 x 1-cup samples
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Discover a new world a flavor with our Portions Sampler Set. This set makes it easy to try twelve of our best selling teas, each perfectly pre-measured for a convenient loose leaf tea experience. This set includes:

yunnan noir - Savory and winey on the palate, smooth fruity astringency, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg finish. A very textured cup of tea. [High caffeine]
yunnan jig - Rich and savory flavor, earthy, spicy and soft, smooth cocoa mouthfeel and finish. [High caffeine]
spring darjeeling - Bright floral bouquet and delicate crispness, abundant fresh spring flavor. [High caffeine]
ceylon sonata - Fresh, bright, citrusy aroma balanced with sweet juicy notes of mandarin peel or grapefruit. [High caffeine]
assam melody - Rich aroma, starchy sweetness of roasted plantains, notes of molasses and dates in the flavor. [High caffeine]
darjeeling sungma summer - Aromatic and floral with white grape and sugary squash notes, plush with warm spice. [High caffeine]
english breakfast - A slightly smoky flavor and balanced astringency, with a honeyed aroma. [High caffeine]
golden monkey - Sweet and aromatic: savory roasted apples, cocoa, and spice notes. Rich texture and smooth, soft mouthfeel. [High caffeine]
irish breakfast - A seamless blend of bright, citrusy Ceylon with malty, pungent Assam. [High caffeine]
lapsang souchong - Savory and smoky, yet slightly cool and menthol with a golden-coppery liquor. [High caffeine]
pu-erh dante - An aged, fermented tea with a slight sweetness of figs or dates and a clean, damp earthy aroma. [High caffeine]
scottish breakfast - Richly blended with Assam, Keemun, Yunnan, and Sri Lankan full-leaf teas. [High caffeine]

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