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fujian ti kuan yin

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fujian ti kuan yin
Ti Kuan Yin (also spelled Tieguanyin) is a legendary tea from the Fujian province and is one of China's most beloved oolongs. This loosely-rolled, lightly-oxidized (almost green) tea yields a pale-gold cup with a soft, buttery texture and orchid notes that linger to reveal the leaves' complexity. As the liquor cools, it reveals a sweet finish of honeydew melons. We highly recommend multiple steepings to fully open the hand-rolled leaves whose character will majestically evolve over three or four infusions. Harvest: Spring 2018.

Oolong Tea | Moderate caffeine | Steep at 195° for 3 minutes.
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Fujian’s coastal province is the lucky recipient of mild temperatures and abundant rainfall that grow prolific tea trees along its stellar mountains. Fujian’s millennium-plus years of tea growing not only reflects experience, it is a guarantee of quality. This quality is part of the lure of Fujian Ti Kuan Yin, named for the benevolent Goddess of Mercy to whom legend says all gratitude is given for showing a farmer, left devastated from the loss of his food crops, a new crop to pursue, Camellia sinensis. This homage to the Goddess is nutty, deeply green and soothing to savor.

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