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Matcha, the focal point of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, is a fine powder made by grinding green tea leaves. Only the finest, young, shade-grown gyokuro tea leaves are used to create matcha. The leaves are plucked and laid out flat to dry. Veins are removed and the leaves, now called tencha, are carefully ground in granite mills until they become the precious powder. Easy preparation is achieved by placing 1 teaspoon of matcha per cup (or to taste) in a cup, adding a few drops of hot water (160-180F) and stirring with a spoon until a paste forms. Add the rest of the water and stir.

Our matcha comes from Uji, Kyoto, and is a first harvest, spring tea. A Samidori cultivar, it is considered a high grade for everyday consumption.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 170° for 2 minutes.
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In this traditional Japanese preparation, the powder is sifted through a fine mesh sieve and measured into a special bowl called a chawan. Hot water is added slowly while whisking briskly in a W pattern with a bamboo whisk called a chasen until smooth with a foamy froth on top. Matcha can have a slight astringent note and is usually served with a small sweet confection called a wagashi. Because of this complementary relationship with sweets and reputed green tea health benefits, it has become a favorite ingredient for chefs and confectioners.

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matcha whisk

whip up the perfect froth

Traditional matcha preparation requires the use of a bamboo whisk to evenly distribute the powdered tea until a foam appears.

tea whisk

Questions and Answers

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Can anyone offer information about how many cups the 2 oz. tin will make assuming 1 tsp per cup? I am thinking about buying it but a little skittish since it's so expensive.
Asked by Anne Farrell
on Mar 15th '16

Hi there! Is it radiation tested? Is it organic? Thanks in advance!
Asked by Sarah Swager
on Sep 19th '16

I cant handle caffeine. Should I avoid this tea?
Asked by Theresa Romani
on Jan 8th '17

Has this tea been tested for lead? I understand that matcha often has many times the levels of lead compared to other teas.
Asked by Richard Burruss
on Mar 30th '17

Is your matcha organic?
Asked by Brenda Stimple
on Sep 13th '16

Asked by Reggie Vito
on Oct 12th '16

Approximately how many cups does the 2 oz tin make?
Asked by Lisa Hogue
on May 4th '17

Is your matcha tea organic
Asked by Leslie Lyn
on Dec 21st '16

What grade of matcha is this?
Asked by Jeanette Manguy
on Jan 9th '18

Does this matcha have any sugar mixed in with it?
Asked by Olivia Mitchell
on Feb 2nd '18

Do you need to steep this tea? If I need to I do it steep it? Do you mix the paste and then add water then steep it. I just cannot seem to make the right cup. It is either too watery or too bitter. Also I think I mix it up good as I got the wisk but ther
Asked by Heather Lopez
on Feb 2nd '18

A friend has made a preworkout supplement that includes matcha and bcaas that we take before the gym. We simply add cold water to the mixed powder and shake in a shaker. Is that also an effective way to take it or must it be steeped hot? I would love to t
Asked by Christopher Burner
on Dec 7th '17

I just purchased a 16oz bag and it arrived. The packaging states the tea is from China, India or South Africa. The statement above reveals 'Our matcha comes from Uji, Kyoto'. Japan is not mentioned on my package. I do want tea from China due to risk of l
Asked by D. Michael Huckabay Jr.
on Jul 14th '18

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