Valentine’s Gift Guide: Teas for Every Date

February 02, 2021

by Abby Morrison

It’s that time of the year again, where flowers, chocolates, and candy hearts fly, where singles dream of chance encounters and couples hunt for diamond rings. That’s right, everybody, it’s almost Valentine’s day. Of course, we know that everyone’s perfect date looks a little different, so to help you plan your perfect night, we’ve come up with tea-themed gift ideas for every kind of date.

The Romantic

For some people, Valentine’s Day should always be marked with traditional trimmings: bouquets of roses, a fancy dinner, and of course, plenty of chocolate. If that sounds like the perfect night for you and your date, try some of these teariffic takes on traditional classics.

For the roses, try our Summer Rose or Lychee Rose Green. We also carry a sampler of Jasmine teas if roses aren’t your favorite flower, with options for chamomile, lavender, and hibiscus as well.

If chocolate is what you’re looking for, we have sixteen chocolatey teas in our standard catalog, including decadent favorites like Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Chai, and of course, our very own Valentines tea, which blends rich black tea, chocolate, and strawberry. Looking for a substitute for the classic chocolate box? Try our Chocolate Tea Sampler, where every tea is guaranteed to be a hit.

And of course, to finish the atmosphere, don’t forget our Tea Candles, which are sure to set the perfect mood.

The Geek

Of course, not everyone goes the traditional route when it comes to their special day. If your idea of a perfect date sounds more like seeing the latest sci-fi blockbuster or playing laser tag all afternoon, we’ve got options for you, mainly, our fandom blends. Our fandom blends cover anything from video games to anime, sci-fi to fantasy, comics, musicals, dramas, and more.

Do a search on your favorite show or character or browse our fandom catalog here. Don’t see your favorite fandom represented? No problem. Use our [] custom blends to fill in any nerdy niche.

The Dancer

More of a night out person? If your ideal date involves shaking it like it’s 1994, disco-ing til dawn, or taking your favorite gal or guy out for a whirl, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our standard catalog has teas for several popular dances, including the Tango (available hot or iced), Mambo, Cha Cha, and Foxtrot (available looseand in individually wrapped teabags). And if those dances aren’t quite your scene, just check out our custom blends. Waltz, Bolero, Electroswing and more are all out there just waiting to be discovered.

The Sweetheart

For others, the sweet look is more your vibe. If you dream of walks in the park holding hands, shared floats at the local soda shop, and giant stuffed bears won at the country fair, we’ve got plenty of sweet teas just for you.

To get started, try our Sweet Medley or Sweet Tooth Gift Samplers. If chocolate is more your thing, try the above-mentioned chocolate teas, or, to make a tea that’s as sweet as you are, check out our brand new line of Raw Honey and Amber Rock Sugar.

We also have fruity teas for almost any palate, with anything from apples and oranges to mango, pineapple, cherries, dragonfruit, passionfruit, and more. Just use our Advanced Search feature to filter by your fruit of choice. That’s also where you’ll find flavors like cream, maple, butterscotch, marshmallow, creme brulee, and caramel. There’s something for every sweetie!

The Night In

For our more introverted friends out there, maybe your perfect night out is actually a night in. If curling up on the couch for a movie or falling asleep snuggling under your favorite blanket is your perfect date idea, check out some of these night-in friendly teas.

First, decaf teas. We have a whole collection of Decaf Teas, taking some of your daytime flavors and adapting them for late-night hours. We also have stay at home classics like Chamomile tea (available loose or in individually wrapped teabags) and caffeine-free options like Herbals (watch out for the highly caffeinated Mates there though!) andRooibos/Honeybush tisanes.

We’ve got teas for those of you with night-in traditions, too. If your ideal Valentine’s day means re-watching your favorite movie for the fortieth time, staying up all night to play your favorite video game, or cozying up with a favorite old book, try pairing them a matching tea from our fandom blends.

The Outdoorsy Type

On the other side of the spectrum, of course, are those who can’t stand to stay inside. If your ideal date involves traveling to faraway lands, taking a hike out in the wild world of nature, or discovering something brand new, don’t worry, we’ve got teas for you.

First, check out our Roots Campaign. Our Roots Campaign helps connect you directly with some of our farmers from all over the world. We’ve got teas of all flavors and strengths represented, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Looking for something a little more down to earth in the literal sense? We’ve got plenty of earthy teas on hand. Oolongs are often touted for their earthy flavors or try fermented Pu Erh favorites like Pu Erh Dante or Pu Erh Poe. Capture the flavors of camping with our new Campfire Smores, or warm up by the fire after a long winter’s hike with our Yuletide Toddy.

And of course, if you’re looking for a way to take our tea with you, have no fear. We have a variety of travel tumblers and thermos options, in both glass and metal varieties.

The Fancy One

We all have a fancy friend, the one who likes all the best in food or clothes or art. Maybe they know everything about wine or literature or know all the best fashion tips or faux pas. Well, if that’s you (or your date), have no fear, we’ve got teas to satisfy the very fanciest of your Valentine’s dreams.

Our most exclusive teas are the teas in our Masters Teas collection, which features a small number of limited edition teas. We also carry several Darjeelings in our regular catalog, which are frequently described as the Champagne of tea for their distinct and globally exclusive (they can only be grown in the Darjeeling region) flavor.

Of course, if fancy teaware is more your thing, we’ve got options for you there, too. Check out our beautiful, hand-sculpted Chawan matcha bowls, our historic Yixing teapots, or our beautiful Cast Iron or Glazed Iron teapots.

No matter what you choose, we’re sure you’ll have your pinkies up for these lovely, fancy teas.

The Oddball

Have a date that’s a little out of the box, hard to define, or, well, unique? Fear not. Even if your date doesn’t fit in any of the categories above, we’ve got just the thing to suit your one-of-a-kind date: Custom blends.

With custom blends, you can create a one-of-a-kind tea custom-tailored to the flavors your sweetheart loves. Add some custom artwork and you’ll have a Valentine’s day gift that’s as special as they are. Oh, and did we mention the tins they come in are the perfect size for a ring box? Just saying…

The Solo Flyer

Of course, not everyone has (or wants) a date for Valentine’s day. For those of us who are still on the search or happily cruising along on our own, don’t forget to treat yourself! Re-order an old favorite, branch out to try something new, or cash in on reward points to gift yourself for being you! After all, you’re awesome! Treat yourself!


We know that the above covers a lot, but if you’re still not sure which direction to turn this Valentine’s season, we’ve put together a great list of teas and treats to get you started. Check out our seasonal page for more ideas. Don’t forget to rate and review any new favorites you find, and if you make any teariffic memories you want to share, make sure to connect with us on social @Adagioteas.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from our hearts to yours. <3