Inspired Tea Pairings for your Favorite Books

March 02, 2021

by Jessica Child

Some days, we need that comfort of the traditional and familiar, to be taken somewhere where grand things happen to grand people. For some classic literature, one pass-through will never be quite enough. Set sail with these classic teas to match whichever your favorite classic reads are and return renewed!

Alice in Wonderland

If you’re planning to get lost in a wonderland, even if it’s not the one Alice visited, the classic Earl Grey is certainly the way to go. Earl Grey is the perfect tea for an afternoon spent enjoying one of the most quintessential tea parties ever written!

In addition, check out our Story Time tea has its own Alice in Wonderland tea! Caffeine-free and great for the kiddos, this indulgent tea is a rose petal blend with green rooibos, raspberries, strawberries, and crème for an anytime read and sip at all ages. It’s also guilt-free for maybe one too many cups alongside “one more chapter.”

The Chronicles of Narnia

Try Lychee Rose Green iced and/or lightly sweetened to get a desserty feel—even a Turkish delight! These delicate, floral flavors with vegetal green tea can make you feel like you really are in the beautiful and magically green lands of Narnia.


Relive this frightful tale as a fireplace story with a cup of Kentucky Bourbon to zap a little life in your cup. Otherwise, channel Frankenstein’s monster’s travels with Currant to keep you charged with through the book and get the feel of being out.

Jane Austen books

Bring out the feeling of long-awaited reunions under the moonlight after the pique of tension with Earl Grey Moonlight. With just enough caffeine to get your heart fluttering, and smooth notes from vanilla, cream, and citrus, it can help you feel like you’re right alongside at any scene. Of course, this tea is perfect for a day in enjoying the movies as well!

Lord of the Rings

Begin your adventure with Golden Spring, bringing in the beautiful imagery of the beginning of Frodo’s plight. Jam and carob meet apple and currant in a luxurious brew fit for any hobbit’s early morning.

As he and his friends face challenges and growth through their travels, Sleeping Dragon will make sure you don’t become the sleeping dragon. This smoky green tea bridges the battle and the majestic imagery and will keep you alert to catch every detail along the way.

As your own and Frodo’s journey ends, Elderberry Wine can help you feel renewed, relaxed, and spoiled with grape and cranberry flavors. While the sips keep your literary goal in flight, it won’t stop you from a meeting with your pillow when you’re ready.

Adventure books

If you’re the type of adventurer that ends their day and adventure as the sun rises, Daydream’s blend of herbs and fruits can keep you emotionally lifted while letting you back down to your pillow. It’ll be as if you didn’t read the whole series in one night, especially if you really didn’t and made it to bed on time.

If you’re the type of responsible reader starting earlier in the day, Blackberry Sage Oolong will keep you up for the oolong day you have planned. This blend is made with the forest in mind and is the perfect adventure friend to help you follow along with your favorite heroes.

The Romantic Prairies

There’s something uniquely special about the image of a romance among rolling hills painted by a palette of red and yellow grasses and flowers.

For late-night adventures, let Wild Strawberry accompany you through the fields and sweet breezes. This fruity, floral treat takes a little longer to brew, giving you time to get settled in with your cup while you get whisked away.

For a bit more oomph in your day, White Peony brings subtle floral, woody notes with a hint of savoriness. This tea is a subtle match that won’t overtake your story, complements it well, and can still stand on its own.

For Spicy Titles

There are some controversial titles that leave very few in the “undecided feelings” bracket, and you know going in you’ll have some thoughts. For these titles, Roobois Vanilla Chai brings all the punch without adding any caffeine anxiety to the mix. Like the wise friend everyone on TV has, it will lift you up to power through your book and still leave you with the peace of mind to consider it carefully.

Children's Stories

For those delightfully colorful stacks of children’s books, from board books to picture books to the entire series that will be consumed in an afternoon, we have two fabulous collections!
Our Story Time collection is perfect for those fairy tale collection books as well as classics, picture books, and getting lost in a favorite series. Three Little Pigs’s apple and chamomile blend makes you feel as tough as bricks. Rosy Alice In Wonderland’s green rooibos with floral and fruity flavors takes you somewhere exciting and all new. Red Riding Hood’s rooibos with apple, cinnamon, and fruit takes you right to enchanting woods full of awe and unknowns. You can take these teas on any adventure!

Fairy Tale teabags will make a perfect companion whether in your favorite mug or your cutest teapot for any princess story, whether it’s Cinderella, Mulan, Pocahontas, or a personal favorite. Sleeping Beauty features honeybush, roses, crème flavor, and apples for an elegant cup fit for royalty. Snow White brings green rooibos blended with cocoa nibs, cherries, coconut, and apple for a more decadent brew. Cinderella is a pumpkin tea made with honeybush, apples, cinnamon bark, and pumpkin spice that brings out the brightest qualities of these favorite flavors. Although there are innumerable princesses to look up to, these teas are up to the task whoever you want to hear about and admire!

Whatever book on the shelf is calling your name today, we’ve got the perfect brew to bring with you. If you’re unsure what might be calling you on any lazy evening, try Orchards Sampler or Herbal Garden for a versatile variety that can handle any situation that pops up!

Your imagination knows no limits, so your tea collection shouldn’t either!