Teas For a Delicious New Year!

December 07, 2021

by Kimberley K

Now that 2021 is starting to close you may be looking for a selection of new teas to kick start it in the best way possible! A new year is somewhat of a fresh start and is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons and try out new experiences! Where better to start than with tea?

With the sheer amount of teas and tisanes that are offered here at Adagio, that it's understandable where you might run into some hard decisions when it comes to which of our teas/tisanes you want to try. So, I have put together a shortlist of teas/tisanes that would be perfect to kickstart the new year with for a multitude of different reasons.

White Squares

Tea treats of the leafy sort! This 'cookie' is white peony leaves pressed into a small square shape for easy transport. The aroma is fresh, with the classic Bai Mu Dan notes of cucumber and sweet melon.

Tasty as it is novel, this is a great tea for travel and for impressing your friends not yet initiated into the world of finer teas. Easy to brew, and wonderful to sip. The reason we have included these in our lineup of the best teas to take into 2022 is because we think they would be a great place to start not only in trying a new variety of tea but also we bet that you've never have had compressed white tea before!

Should you not already be familiar with preparing tea gongfu style with a gaiwan, White Cookies would be such a fantastic way to get into that traditional practices! And who knows- by the end of 2022 you could be head over heel with gongfu cha and you’ll have opened up your palette to a whole new experience. With notes of cucumber and sweet melon among a complex flavor profile, we would say this is the perfect tea for spring and summer gongfu cha and after your session with it be sure to cold steep the leaves as well to get the most out of them.

Jump Start

We’ll start with Jump Start - this blend of toasted mate with black tea is perfect for those days when we are dragging more than usual in the morning. For those of you who are still working and learning from home, this would be a new way to start your morning rather than just reaching for a breakfast blend or coffee.

The black tea element is still present, but there's a uniqueness to it because of that yerba mate that's not like anything you've had before! It's unlike coffee you so will not crash with this and it will keep you powering through those morning team meetings or lessons with no problems at all. With the addition of those Cocoa Nibs, Cinnamon, Kola Nuts & Safflower, this has a little bit more depth to it than other morning tea options and is bound to appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth for sure.

Uji Matcha

Uji Matcha- From Uji Province in Kyoto, where the finest Gyokuro is sourced. Shaded to intensify the chlorophyll fragrance and taste, the leaves were harvested, then deveined, (Tencha) then dried before being ground into a powder.

I'm sure that you’ve already tried Matcha before in some way, shape, or form, but when it comes to our Uji Matcha it really is on a completely different level. I would say it’s no doubt a great matcha to prepare traditionally using your chawan and chasen. We have found that it’s perfect for both usucha (thin tea) and koicha (thick tea), so Uji Matcha will have you covered no matter what matcha experiences you want to create for yourself or loved ones throughout the year.

If you are used to the flavored matcha, but you are wanting to make the jump to unflavored, Uji Matcha would be the perfect place to start your journey with high-quality traditional matcha.

Lavender Lemon

Revel in the luxury of Adagio's Lavender Lemon. This bright caffeine-free herbal blend is a delight to the senses with an intoxicating aroma, smooth citrusy flavor, and soft whispers of lavender. Calming and soothing so you can unwind from a busy day.

After all of the fun and excitement of a busy holiday season, sometimes returning back to reality once the new year starts (and all of life's added stresses come back into your life) you’ll no doubt be looking for a comforting cup that will be able to aid you in relaxing once each day is over! This is especially true during January and February as those months always seem like they last so much longer than the rest of the year, don’t they? The perfect choice for this would no doubt be our Lavender Lemon.

It’s delicate, relaxing, soft, floral, and has a beautifully sweet lemon note to it, just the smell of this tisane steeping will have you relaxed in seconds! It being caffeine-free means that you’ll be able to sip on this after long days as the sun is setting and you're calming down for the day.

This is also a great blend to drink when you have a sore throat with a dash of honey as lemon always helps when you aren't feeling good!