Go To Jail

created by B W
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available in June
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...Does irony have a flavor? As much as we'd like to think so, we're going to have to take this in another direction. Dark and bracing like a cup of joe from the slammer, you'll note that this blend nonetheless tastes of deliciousness rather than old boot leather. Yunnan, Wuyi, and Lapsang Souchong teas come together to form a dark and rich composition while dark chocolate flavored Ceylon seals the deal with a complementary touch. Best of all, you can enjoy this decadent blend from the comfort of home without having to worry where you're going to find a pack of cigarettes to trade for it!

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.

ingredients & lore

blended with lapsang souchong, black tea, yunnan jig tea, wuyi ensemble tea, cocoa nibs & natural chocolate flavor

teas: mambo, lapsang souchong, chocolate

How to: Avoid Jury Duty Method 3: Go To Jail Some things in life are completely unavoidable. Others are just difficult to maneuver around. Thankfully, you have this tongue-in-cheek series of teas to light your path. Among all possibilities, there aren't many faster ways to get out of dreaded jury duty then to be thrown in the slammer yourself. Sure we're not going to put our seal of recommendation on this method, but you can't fault its effectiveness! While you're in there, should one ask for a cup of tea, a person can imagine instead being served a cup of coffee the color of shoe polish. Playing off of this thought we present you with a deep and chocolate-spiked blend designed to be dark and rich. Just do us a favor and don't call in any favors you can't repay to get your hands on a cup.
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Feign Insanity
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