created by George Farmer
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available in June
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by George Farmer
by George Farmer
A bold, no-nonsense combination. It is the type of combination that wants to sit down and discuss the matters at hand and severely forget that the world is falling apart around it. The lemon accent indicates that it's failing horribly to keep it all together. Very dark and brooding flavor, borderline evil.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 3 minutes.
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ingredients & lore

blended with black tea, ceylon sonata, natural creme flavor, natural chocolate flavor, dark chocolate chips (contains soy lecithin) & cocoa nibs

teas: ceylon sonata, chocolate chip, cream

accented with lemon verbena

Mage the Awakening: The Mastigos or Warlocks, are who gain their magical power from the realm of Pandemonium, the Realm of Demons, nightmares, and punishment. Mastigos have a reputation for being deceptive, manipulative, and evil, and in some cases, this reputation is fully deserved. However, many Warlocks take great pains to remain on the path of virtue and as many more are as difficult to categorise as simply good or evil as anyone else. Many Mastigos believe that they function in a Darwinian role, exposing the weaknesses of their fellow mages, that these mages may improve themselves. This sounds callous to outsiders, but the quest for ascension, any weakness unknown to the mage may be exploited by their enemies, so it is best to expose and remove as many of one's weaknesses as possible.
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Mastigos has hooked up with Moros.
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