created by George Farmer
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available in June
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32¢ per cup
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by George Farmer
by George Farmer
Hear me, for I am tea! This combination should come across as a fearfully bold combination that glows with its awesome power well before tea ever touches water. Strong orange accents that command you to kneel before it's presence and bear witness to it's mighty citrus! Kneel puny mortal!

This tea contains a low level of caffeine | Steep at 190° for 3 minutes.
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ingredients & lore

blended with white tea, white peony, rooibos tea, orange peels, natural mandarin flavor, lemon grass, marigold flowers, natural lemon flavor & natural vanilla flavor

teas: white tangerine, white peony, rooibos lemon cloud

accented with orange peels

Mage the Awakening: The Obrimos often called Theurgists, are the of the awakened who draw their power from the Realm of Aether, the realm of angels, gods, and magic unbound. The Obrimos are mostly thought in terms of arrogant, self-absorbed zealously moralistic. Indeed, a great many of those who walk the Path of the Mighty live up to this stereotype perfectly. Many, however are of a far more pleasant bent. They can be virtuous paladins, stalwart defenders of mankind, simply people who wish to do the right thing by other people. yet more are as morally indefinable as anybody else. Though they don't all believe in the same god or gods, and many don't believe in such entities at all, the Obrimos path as a whole is devoted to making the will of the Divine manifest on Earth.
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this blend is in a 'ship

Obrimos has hooked up with Acanthus.
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