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juicy slices

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18 envelopes
case (6 boxes)
108 gourmet teabags
juicy slices teabags
Add the superior flavor of full-leaf tea to the convenience and portability you enjoy with ordinary tea bags. Our bags' pyramid shape provides ample room for the expansion of the large leaves that characterize gourmet tea, resulting in a better infusion and superior flavor. Try an assortment of our teas to see the flavor you're now missing. Includes nine gourmet tea varieties (though subject to infrequent change), 18 bags total.

Herbal Tea | High caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

Customer Reviews (221)

Raw Honey for Fruit Tisanes

tea honey
This locally sourced, exquisite raw honey is a perfect complement to the tart notes of fruit tisanes.
honey for fruit herbals

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white blueberry

blueberry white

White Blueberry tea blends together the taste of juicy blueberries with premium white tea from Fujian province, China.
citron green

citrus green

Chinese green tea with the delicate flavors of lemon and lime. An Adagio favorite, refreshing hot and iced.
earl grey bravo

earl grey

Zesty, citrus sweet, and balanced orange rind flavor. Perfect with milk.
peach oolong

peach oolong

Naturally lush, fruity Taiwanese oolong paired with succulent peach. Fragrant, sweet, smooth and fruit-floral.


A native of the Mediterranean, revered for its cool, crisp aroma, deeply fresh flavor, and smooth finish.
rooibos vanilla

vanilla rooibos

Rich vanilla and sweet, lightly fruity Rooibos herb. Warm sugar cookies, mellow flavor, smooth finish. Yum!
fruit medley

fruit sangria

A jammy sweet mix with a deep, fruity flavor and sweet-spicy aroma.


Put a spring in your step with our joyful Foxtrot blend. Floral, sweet and soothing with a fresh finish.
masala chai

masala chai

Warm and inviting fragrance, zesty flavor (without being too hot or spicy) and invigorating, aromatic finish.
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