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earl grey teabags
London Earl Grey is premium black tea from China flavored with oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit. According to legend, this tea is named for Earl Grey, a British Prime Minister, to whom a Chinese noble entrusted its secret recipe for saving his life. Unfortunately, this story is not true. But we hope this won't prevent you from enjoying our exquisite version of the popular Earl Grey tea. Full-leaf tea in portable, individually wrapped bags - superior taste and maximum convenience.

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It is said that in 1830, an Englishman named Charles Earl Grey traveled on a diplomatic mission to China, where in return for his act of kindness, a local man presented him with the recipe for making this distinctive tea. A few corrections are in order. Firstly, the Chinese have never been black tea drinkers, and were unlikely to have a recipe for Earl Grey to bestow on visitors. Secondly, Charles Earl Grey never set foot in China. Otherwise, the story is completely true.

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I'd really like to have this as a loose leaf tea. Any chance that might be coming in the future?
Asked by Sherry Cekala
on Feb 21st '17

what is the caffeine level on this tea?
Asked by Patrick
on Jan 18th '18

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