20 Tea and Candy Pairings You Have to Try!

September 29, 2020

by Jessica Child

If you’ve ever put aside time to have a sweet treat and found yourself reaching for something to sip on, we’ve got some great blends and brews for next time to help lift your spirits and—in most cases—energy levels. Let these brews bring out a new side of your favorite treats and power you through the rest of your day, no matter what kind of candy you have!

Chocolate pairings

If you find there’s nothing plain about plain chocolate and you’re in a mood to pin down all the subtle, wonderful flavors, give Ooooh Darjeeling, an oolong tea, a sip. This floral, fruity complex is a fantastic match for chocolate so fancy the wrapper alone sells us on it.

Otherwise, complement that fabulous chocolate with Anhui Keemun. This rich mixture of chocolate, smoky, fruity flavors is truly a masterpiece to pair with anything from the sale rack to the specialty shops.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate pairings

You know, that breaktime candy that's peanut butter nutty and creamy (even if you didn’t know it was supposed to be peanut butter until the product was reformulated to use more peanuts). In cup or bar form, peanut butter and chocolate is a candy match made in heaven! With peanut butter going with most any flavor profile, you’ve got a plethora of options!

If you prefer unmixed teas and your peanut candy has chocolate, Keemun Encore makes a wonderful, cocoa match! For a flavored tea option, Chocolate Chip is the chocolate choice for a perfect peanut pal.

With peanut candies that have not yet been dramatically combined with chocolate during a freak candy accident, you have a little more wiggle room for pairings in addition to the two above!

Go for a traditional PB&J combo with something fruity, like Wild Strawberry or bring a little spice to the table with Cinnamon Rooibos Chai.

For something complex and luxurious, Chocolate Chai Pu Erh is ready to shine.

No matter what you choose for this one, versatile peanut butter is happy to match up with most anything in your pantry.

Other Chocolate combos

Is your breaktime candy packed with non-legume nuts, wafery light, or noughty fun?

Nutty, chocolatey Mocha Nut Mate is the brew for this job! This tea will be a great friend to any choconutty pick-me-up that you favor!

For a feature of caramel goodness (no matter how you pronounce it) Have you tried Tiger Eye? This flavored tea is so smooth with chocolate and caramel, it can stand on its own as a substitute. Alongside your favorite treat, it’s a match made in heaven!

For candy that makes your day minty fresh with your chocolate, brighten and refresh with Citrus Mint Green making a fantastic teammate for your minty treat! With lemon and orange pairing with mint, this combo will power you through the rest of your day! Try this as an iced tea to help keep you going even on the hottest days.

For other chocolaTEA combos, check out our Chocolate Teas Sampler that already features our best chocolate blends that might just be a perfect pairing!

Rice-based or other grain-based treats

The subtle flavors of grains like rice and oatmeal make some truly magical sugary rewards! If this is what you reach for, consider pairing them with anything nutty to bring out the flavors of your treat. Rooibos Pecan Turtle makes this a dessert-with-dessert pairing where both pieces are a treat all on their own!

For more rice-like flavors, a clear pick is Genmai Cha with its popped rice which makes it a treat all on its own.

Treats filled with fruity joy

Have a very merry berry day with Berry Blast to complement any fruity treat you favor! If you’re in the mood for something a little more tropical, give Dragon Fruit Dream a chance to be the tea of your dreams!

Sour Candies

Does your candy make your lips pucker and your eyes twitch?
If you happened to grab it, let limited-editingLemon Meringue Green brighten your day alongside your candy! If you weren’t able to grab this tea during the springtime, or you’re hoping to spark some energy without caffeine, then Rooibos Lemon Cloud will leave you feeling light and bright!

Floral Notes

If your candy is floral, sweet, and reminds you of summer’s peak steep a round of Golden Flower! Its creamy, floral notes won’t let you down, brew after brew.

Otherwise, let Buddha’s Dream help you unwind with delicate white tea blended with floral and fruity flavors!

Tea Flavored Candy

With many tea-flavored candies being matcha, the obvious perfect match-a is Matcha. However, don’t forget that our matcha comes in blended flavors like Matcha Raspberry and Matcha Mocha that will delight alongside fruit and chocolate alike!

If you’re still debating what your perfect combo would be, take a look over our Matcha Pretzels for an easy matcha win any day and Tea Cookies for some tea-flavored cookie goodness!

Hopefully, this list helps you discover a combination that rocks your world and helps you enjoy the diversity of tea and its flavors!