10 Teas to Help with Studying

September 13, 2022

by Janelle Wazorick

Studying: it can be the difference between getting on the honor roll or summer school. But there’s nothing that says you can’t enjoy a cup of tea as you buckle down and hit the books. Tea is a wonderful beverage to sip while reviewing last week’s lecture or cramming for that test next period. When you’re getting all your class materials together for your next study session, here are ten teas you should definitely take with you.

1. Matcha

Is there anything that Matcha can’t do? Well, it can’t take your exams for you, but it can certainly help you prepare for them. Matcha is a powdered green tea that you mix into water. In other words, you are drinking the tea leaf rather than just infusing it, benefiting from its nutrients such as L-theanine, an amino acid that can reduce stress and improve concentration.

We know the mind can sometimes wander from the textbook, but with a little matcha, you can always find your way back to straight A’s.

2. Irish Breakfast

Only one week left in the semester and you realize it’s time to crack open that textbook and absorb as much information as you can before the big test. You’ve reserved a spot in the school library every day for the next week, planning to stay there from dawn ‘til dusk studying. But it’s not absorbing pages of notes that’s the challenge: it’s getting out of bed on time.

Start your morning off with a cup of Irish Breakfast or take a travel mug filled with this brew with you. This energizing tea will both get you up and going in the morning and warm you up as you venture into the cool morning air. With a cup of Irish Breakfast in one hand and your textbooks and notebooks in the other, that test will never know what hit it.

3. Hojicha

Coffee and studying often seem to go together, but what about the coffee drinker who wants to try something different? Maybe it’s a new semester and you want to kick off the next couple of months with a new studying strategy and a cup of something new and warm in your hand. Or maybe you just want a little less caffeine. Whether it’s those

Fall midterms or those Winter finals, a nice toasty cup of Hojicha, a Japanese green tea with the same focus-improving L-Theanine present in Matcha at a fraction of the caffeine, is the perfect way to keep you motivated in the days leading up to the biggest of exams.

4. Yerba Mate

When getting some extra study time at the local café, you may find that you now have access to a variety of teas that you don’t have at home. What a great opportunity to review verb conjugation and grab a new, exciting hot drink. You’ve had your fill of coffee and while you love tea, you want to try something different (That’s okay. One does not live on Earl Grey alone.).

With energizing properties, Yerba Mate, an herbal tea popular in South America, is a great tea alternative. Whether in its original or toasted form, Mate can be enjoyed straight or with any additional flavors you like. A customizable beverage for a customized study session.

5. Peppermint

We get it: studying is stressful. Sometimes, it can seem like your entire future rests on whether or not you do well on your upcoming test. Or maybe it’s the increased amount of caffeine you’ve been consuming during those late night study sessions.

Whatever it may be, you need something to calm and relax you without putting anymore caffeine into your body. A cup of peppermint tea is wonderful for both the mind and body. With natural relaxing properties, a cup of peppermint can ease headaches, a nauseous stomach, and overall tension. The next time you feel a stress headache coming on or those butterflies in your stomach won’t stop fluttering, reach for a cup of peppermint and find a calm place to rest for a while.

6. Formosa Oolong

You don’t have a moment to waste: you need to rush out the door to make it to your study group on time: after all, your notes could be the thing you and your friends need to get a good grade to put up on the fridge next week.

You need a tea that’s quick and easy to brew and keep you alert for the next few hours; naturally, you put some Formosa Oolong in your thermos. A dark oolong from Taiwan, Formosa Oolong is an easy and forgiving brew. Simply set your kettle to boil, gather your notes, and pour over some tea leaves. Use an activiTEA travel tumbler to make controlling the brewing time on the go simple and easy.

7. Golden Monkey

Textbook: check. Notebook: check. Pens and paper: check and check. Snacks: check. Snacks come in handy for those all-day study sessions, and I’ll be the last person to discourage the consumption of a favorite candy bar. But let’s be frank: it’s easy to go overboard on snacks and indigestion a few hours before a quiz isn't fun. But what about those moments when you really want a taste of something chocolately without actually opening another candy bar?

Luckily, some teas have a natural cocoa aroma and flavor without the addition of extra ingredients. Golden Monkey is one of those teas. This Chinese black tea is wonderfully mild with an additional sweet aroma and flavor reminiscent of chocolate. So not only can you avoid that ill-timed stomachache, but you can satisfy the chocolate craving and get the caffeine you need to keep studying.

8. Tie Kuan Yin

You find a nice corner of your house to get a couple of hours of study time after school. You don’t plan on moving from that spot until you’ve memorized twenty new terms and can calculate the speed at which a tea kettle can boil. But an hour into studying, your trusty teapot comes up dry and you could use more tea to keep you focused.

With some Tie Kuan Yin leaves in your teapot, all you need to do is add more water and infuse again. Oolongs are made for multiple infusions, with many oolong lovers swearing that the second infusion is even better than the first. With a pot of Tie Kuan Yin, you can get the most bang for your tea leaves during a long study session.

9. Masala Chai

You have a test in English, History, and Math all on the same day. Well, they do say variety is the spice of life, so for those busy study days, why not have an appropriately spiced tea: Masala Chai. Whether you choose a pre-blended Chai or one of your own creation, Masala Chai not only gives you the benefits of a black tea such as alertness, but also the benefits of the included spices.

Ginger is often found in Masala Chai blends, and studies have shown that it can help calm a nervous stomach. For those especially stressful study days, a cup of Masala Chai can do double duty by keeping you alert and focused while soothing that nervous stomach.

10. Silver Needle

You’re a studier and a tea drinker, but you like the delicate, lighter teas. You’ve got enough of a heavy workload on your plate: isn’t there something lighter to drink while studying? There certainly is!

White teas are lovely, delicate teas: intelligent, contemplative, thoughtful, like that final essay you’re writing. When that To-Do list before a final seems overwhelming, pour yourself a cup of Silver Needle: the moderate caffeine will keep you alert and focused but not so much to overwhelm you. Its gentle flavors will relax you as you tackle each item on your list.