10 Teas to Enjoy During a Movie

August 09, 2022

by Janelle Wazorick

Lights, camera, action! Whether it’s with friends at the movie theater, on your couch for a night in, or on your laptop or smartphone, nothing feels better than kicking back and watching a good movie. And what’s a movie session without refreshments? While some reach for some popcorn or their favorite candy, you, the tea connoisseur, reach for a cup of tea; everyone else can enjoy their treats, so why can’t you? Bring some tea into your next movie night by brewing up one of these cinematic teas.

1. Chocolate Chai

Who doesn’t love snacking on sweet things during a movie? There’s something about romance movies that makes us reach for that box of Valentine’s Day candy. Can two lovers find happiness aboard a sinking ship? Will true love prevail against all odds? Is there enough chocolate left in the box to satisfy my sweet tooth to the movie’s conclusion?

For the chai lover looking for something sweet, Chocolate Chai is the perfect treat to sip during a night in. With that sweet cocoa taste combined with other sweet spices, you can indulge in this treat while cheering for a happily ever after (or reaching for the tissues).

2. Lemongrass

'Cause this is Thriller, Thriller Movie Night! The mystery, the intrigue, the suspense is enough to keep you on your toes the entire time. But amid all the twists and turns of the plot, your anxiety level has reached its limit. You gotta know what happens next, but your nerves just can’t take one more plot twist. Enter a cup of lemongrass tea.

Lemongrass has a very calming effect on the body, relaxing you and centering your mind. During your next intermission, grab a cup of lemongrass and prepare yourself to see how it all comes together.

3. English Breakfast

Movies can transport you back to another time: a time of opulent fashion, horses and carriages, and tea times. English period dramas have been a popular genre of movies for years, exposing new audiences to the worlds of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, and many more. While it’s a little hard to pick up a Victorian outfit (and harder still to travel back in time), we can at least take tea with our favorite characters.

A good cup of English Breakfast tea: what a splendid tea to have at tea time! Whether you take milk and sugar or drink it plain, you can feel like you’ve been invited to tea in a quaint 19th century village.

4. Lapsang Souchong

Gathering around a campfire and telling scary stories among a group of friends is a fun past time. But what about those who like to get together with friends and watch scary movies? Not everyone has a firepit in the living room, but for your next scary movie night, why not brew a pot of Lapsang Souchong?

Known for its smoky flavor that has been fired over pine, Lapsang invokes memories of campfires and telling a yarn or two. Just be careful when you sip your tea: nothing is scarier than spilling tea during a jump-scare.

5. Butterscotch Tea

Most people walk up to the concession stand at the theater and order some popcorn. But not you. You have a sweet tooth and look towards the boxes of candy lined colorfully up behind the counter. But you’re at the movies: you’re expected to have some buttered popcorn, right?

With Butterscotch Tea, you can have the best of both worlds in a tea. While your friends make their way to the self-serve butter station with their popcorn, you have a buttery treat in your thermos as well as sweet flavors to satisfy that sweet tooth.

6. Caramel Tea

Maybe you have a sweet tooth, but butterscotch just isn’t your thing. Maybe your tastes lie more towards caramel candies. Maybe you’re even a fan of caramel corn: why put butter on your popcorn when you can put caramel on popcorn for a decadent treat? Fans of both caramel and tea should indulge in a decadent Caramel Tea.

With its rich caramel flavors complementing the Ceylon black tea, you can enjoy this sweet dessert tea during the entire movie.

7. Jasmine Silver Needle

You love artistic, nuanced films. Action-packed blockbusters aren’t for you. The character driven indie films filled with symbolism give you something to dissect hours after the credits have rolled. What was the director trying to convey with that camera angle? What does the repeated color blue represent? For those contemplative films, you need a contemplative tea. Something nuanced, something with delicate flavors to savor slowly.

White teas are lovely, delicate teas with quiet flavors, but the addition of jasmine in Jasmine Silver Needle adds to the experience. As you contemplate the themes of the next indie movie, slowly sip this tea and delve further into thought.

8. Hojicha

It’s a cold winter’s night. Time to break out the blankets as the wind howls outside and sit down to a cup of tea and a wholesome Christmas movie. Or maybe it’s summertime and you want some of that Yuletide comfort, so you nudge the A/C a little lower for another rewatch of a Christmas classic: we’re not judging.

Whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of summer, a cup of the roasted green tea Hojicha is the perfect tea for those seasonal movie sessions. With a roasted flavor perfect for winter and a lower brewing temperature for summer, it’s a tea you can enjoy with a movie year round.

9. Milk Oolong

Who doesn’t love a movie marathon? Whether it’s one of the epic movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood or a trilogy of your favorite sci-fi or fantasy stories, sometimes you want to sit and experience the entire story in all in one day. For those kinds of movie marathons, you need a tea that will provide you with hours of tea. Oolongs are wonderful for multiple infusions, but for your next movie marathon, try a cup or more of Milk Oolong (which, contrary to its name, doesn’t contain milk).

Milk Oolong is a tea that gets better with multiple infusions, so as you move from the first movie to the second in a trilogy, your Milk Oolong leaves are only just getting started.

10. Genmai Cha

Popcorn: the first mention of the airy snack brings to mind concession stands, aisles of elevated seats, and squeezing past fellow moviegoers as you make your way to your seats with all your goodies to snack on during the trailers. But how to do you condense that experience into a tea? Well, do you know rice pops in a similar way to corn? Genmai Cha is a Japanese green tea with toasted, popped rice. While many of the grains of rice are a light, toasted brown, some have actually popped into the familiar popcorn shape.

This is perhaps the closest you’ll get to a popcorn tea, but while butter tea is real drink, we recommend not adding butter to this tea: simply take in the toasty flavor of Genmai Cha in its pure form.