Recipe: Honeybush Banana Nut Matcha Latte

January 18, 2022

by Kimberley K

If you want to start your new year off with one of the most delicious matcha lattes ever AND add a new tool to your tea latte making tool belt, then you have come to the right place.

Today I'm going to be sharing with you a recipe for a Honeybush Banana Nut Matcha latte, using of course our Honeybush Banana Nut tisane and Matcha.

If you already have these in your cupboard, in learning this recipe you’ll be able to discover a whole new way to appreciate both of those teas (and many others in your stash at the same time).

Likely, the colder weather will still be with us a little longer, so this latte is not only indulgent but really comforting and cozy, especially if you dust it with a little nutmeg to top everything off. It's like a hug in a mug or a new cozy cardigan.

The upside is also that because it is a matcha latte, it will keep you energized for the day as well, without those crashes or jitters that you get from coffee. Should you happen to be super sensitive to caffeine, or you’re not a fan of matcha, this recipe also works well with hojicha.

Honeybush Banana Nut Matcha Latte Recipe


Honeybush Banana Nut | 4.5 teaspoons

Matcha | 2g

Water 8.4 fl oz (250ml)

Soya Milk / Your Milk Of Choice | 6.4floz – 190ml

Honey / Your Choice Of Sweetener | 2 teaspoons – or sweeten to taste


  • Measure out all of your ingredients. This makes preparation much easier because you don’t have to stop during prep, and you’ll cut lots of time off making this latte in the process.

  • For this recipe, you'll be preparing this with a chawan and a chasen, but you can prepare this in whatever way you prefer to make your matcha.

    I do recommend that if you are going to use a chasen, that you have a separate one for flavored matcha/tea and one for your traditional matcha, as to not impart any flavors when preparing matcha in the future.

  • Boil your water and start steeping the Honeybush Banana Nut in your IngenuiTEA Teapot. The reason you want to do this first before anything else is because the longer you steep this tisane, the better it gets. Steeping it first also makes sure that it has time to cool down to the perfect temperature to prepare your matcha. This will take 5+ minutes.

    Take a small amount of hot water and use that to warm your chawan, then discard that water afterwards and dry your chawan. After doing that, you’ll then want to sift your matcha in your chawan to prevent clumping and wait for the tea you have brewed to reach 167 °F to not make the matcha bitter.

  • Once you have done that, take the Honeybush Banana Nut that should have steeped to the perfect strength now and add around 2.7floz of it into your chawan with your pre-sifted matcha. Take your chasen and whisk until thick froth forms.

    Once you are done, you can either pour it into your chosen mug and add the rest of the steeped HoneybushHoneybush Banana Nut, or keep it in your chasen and add the rest of the HoneybushHoneybush Banana Nut to that.

    This is the point where you would also add in sweetener if you like to add it to your matcha. We recommend brown sugar or rock sugar, as we find those work best with the flavors in Honeybush Banana Nut.

  • The next step is to take your soya milk and either hot froth it in your milk frother or heat it in your microwave and froth it with a handheld frother.

    Once you’ve done that, add it to your mug. Then all that is left to do is to top with garnishes, should you wish to do so. We recommend nutmeg, cinnamon or chocolate curls. Dusting your latte with nutmeg or a spice of your choice is a great way to add a touch of extra coziness to your latte and help to combat the cold winter/early spring mornings.

    If you’re more of an iced latte fan, fear not. This recipe makes for a superb iced latte and all you have to change to make this iced is simply to combine your matcha and Honeybush Banana Nut, pour that over a cup filled with ice and add cold frothed milk to the top.

  • Finally sit back, relax and enjoy!

  • One of the best things about this recipe is that you can adapt it and make your matcha with absolutely any tea you want instead of just water. Endless amounts of options are available, and you can get as creative as you want with it.

    I find that if you are going to use an already flavored matcha, it’s best to match that flavor with a similar blend and use that, as it will either pair perfectly or further amplify that flavor note.

    If you want to flavor the milk rather than use the tea to prepare your matcha, take your milk the night before and place the tea you want to flavor it with straight into it. Once you’ve done that, just stick it in the fridge and let it steep overnight, being sure to mix and strain it when you are ready to make your latte.

    If you do give this recipe a go, and you end up creating your own matcha latte combos, be sure to tag us in your posts on social media @adagioteas and use the hashtag #myadagio so we can see all of your posts and try out your flavor combinations for ourselves.