Whipped Honey Recipe Ideas

August 31, 2021

by Kimberley K

Did you know that aside from their great range of teas and tisanes, Adagio also offers a great selection of honey?

Some of which are perfect for specific kinds of teas or tisanes and others, like their whipped honey, can be used across the board for so many different things.

Adagio currently has three different whipped kinds of honey: a Matcha, Cinnamon and Chocolate.

Let's look at each one to give you a few ideas as to how you can use them in a number of different ways throughout your day-to-day life. There are sweet and savoury-leaning options so don’t be too worried should you not have an overly sweet tooth, there will be things for you within this post as well!

Whipped Honey - Chocolate

Clover Honey & Cocoa

This Adagio exclusive creation is nothing if not indulgent. They've taken their clover honey and whipped it up with cocoa powder to create something so delectable you will want to put this stuff on everything!

This honey is definitely one that can be used mostly with sweet dishes, like cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. If you’re a chocolate fan I have no doubt in my mind you will love this honey.

If you’re looking for a more decadent breakfast adding a spoon full of this to your oatmeal or spreading it on your pancakes as it adds in that amazing chocolate flavor without being heavy like Nutella is.

In terms of adding this into teas there are lots of different teas and tisanes, this would undoubtedly pair perfectly with. Of course add it to some chocolate heavy teas to amp up the chocolate notes.

You could also add this to teas with coconut in them like Coconut black tea- coconut and chocolate together has to be one of the best combinations ever! If you’re looking for something without caffeine this would definitely pair well with Honeybush Hazelnut, another great combination.

Whipped Honey - Matcha

Blueberry Honey & Matcha

This Adagio exclusive creation is just what has been missing from every matcha lover's life! They've taken their blueberry honey and whipped it up with Matcha powder to create something so delectable you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

With this honey, again you can do so many things with it. Of course, you can add it to your Matcha or other green teas you think would pair well with that Matcha flavor profile (like Genmai Cha).

I also recommend adding it to different recipes; this would pair well with lots of savory eastern Asian foods and would be a great addition to a ramen recipe.

It would also pair well with other vegetal elements, so it could be good to add to glazes or dipping sauces to amp up those incredible umami notes, it would also pair quite well with rice dishes and dishes with fried elements.

Due to Matcha being quite high in caffeine, some people may avoid this tea, but in the honey, it is in such a small concentration you only have to worry about trace caffeine amounts (about the same or less than a decaf tea)! That makes it great to add to your breakfast foods too like toast and oatmeal, as well as stirring some into your after-dinner ice cream too, preferably (vanilla ice cream). If you are an avid baker maybe try adding this to whipped cream that you top your fresh baked goods with!

Whipped Honey - Cinnamon

Clover Honey & Cinnamon Ground (Cassia Cinnamon)

This Adagio exclusive is a blend of clover honey and cinnamon that have been whipped up in-house.

This tangy combination is the perfect addition to your daily Chai (especially ones that may not be overly cinnamony). It will also hit the spot for any oatmeal that is in need of drizzling of sweetness.

Honey, just like tea, is very versatile and can be used for so many different things! You don’t even have to stick to sweet things.

I think this would be great to add to savory dishes and would pair quite well with sweet potatoes or even add it to a pumpkin chili! Also, try adding it to a chicken or tofu glaze for an unexpected cinnamon-y twist.

You really have an endless amount of options because cinnamon does pair so well with so many different things. Don't underestimate its ability to amp up your savory foods.

With autumn not too far away I think one of my favorite ways to use this whipped honey is definitely to add it to an apple compote!

Should you want to try any of Adagio's whipped honey flavors you can find them all together in this sampler
set that contains three 4oz jars of each.

If you have already tried them yourself let us know what your favorite ways to use them! You can tag us in any photos (@adagioteas, or the hashtags #adagioteas and #myadagio). Or, show off how creative your are on TeaChef with you full recipe! We can't wait to see all of the different ways you end up using these new whipped honey flavors.