Fear & Loathing in a Cornfield

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created by Christa Y
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available late July
3oz pouch
32¢ per cup
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For Gotham residents, Scarecrow is synonymous with fear. A psychiatrist and/or professor of psychiatry, depending on the version or interpretation to which you refer, Jonathan Crane is never above delving into the fears of his patients -- or using an array of gases and toxins to induce and prey upon said fears in an infamously villainous way. Keep the strawman away from *your* dreams with this caffeine-free herbal blend of hay-colored chamomile, safe, sweet, and smooth honeybush vanilla, and a sprinkling of bracing peppermint to keep up your sleepy spirits, push away your fear and loathing, and safely get out of Las Vegas -- er, that is, Gotham City. (Apologies to Mr. S. Thompson, of course.)

This tea contains no caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

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ingredients & lore

blended with honeybush tea, chamomile, peppermint & natural vanilla flavor

teas: chamomile, honeybush vanilla, peppermint

accented with marigold flowers

The Gotham Cup is proud to serve a hot cup of justice for the Batman fan in all of us. Whether you’re a jaded-hero devotee or a defeat-and-sometimes-pity-the-looney-villain enthusiast, this fandom offers plenty of layered character brews to suit all bat-tastes. On a more personal note, while I cannot name the precise day, nor the hour, when I realized that I was kind of a big semi-secretive Batgeek, I still bear an unflagging enthusiasm for the beloved animated series of my childhood, as well as incredibly silly reruns of the 1960s television classic, the Golden and Silver Age comics (a.k.a. our extremely campy comic grandfathers), and various postmodern Bat-iterations as well, from graphic novels to 20th century films to the 21st century Nolanverse to various all-versions-welcome video games. Long live Gotham City, and long live tea!
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