Night Owl

only available between
3:00am - 4:00am
03h:45m from now
When you need to be alert and pull an "all-nighter" we've got just the tea you need to power through. Night Owl tea is a citrusy, energizing mate blend that will give you the kick you're looking for. Bright and refreshingly smooth, Night Owl offer you that boost of energy you need, any time of time of day.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 150° for 3-5 minutes.
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Slumbering Slouth


blended with yerba mate tea, peppermint leaves, lemon grass, schisandra berry, kola nuts, black peppercorn, natural lemon flavor & marigold flowers

teas: yerba mate, peppermint, lemon grass

accented with schisandra berry, kola nuts & black peppercorn

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interested in falling asleep?

Who needs to count those pesky sheep with we've got a Slumber Sloth? We're here to ease you back into dreamland with a cup of tea specially formulated to help you drift off to dreamland. This caffeine free infusion includes ingredients like skullcap and lavender aid your relaxation. The soothing flavors of lemon balm and passion flower and rounded off by the comfort of vanilla, to wrap you up in their warm embrace as you doze off into a peaceful night's sleep.

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What time zone is this for so I can acquire it? Thanks.
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Asked by Jess Caron
on July 8th, 2020