zhejiang lung ching

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zhejiang lung ching
One of the most famous of all Chinese green teas, Lung Ching is available in a wide range of grades. This high grade is a fine plucking of young spring leaves, with a deliciously sweet aroma. Pan-firing in a hot wok brings out the classic warm, roasted chestnut notes inherent in the leaf and in this case a hint caramelized sugar and crisp floral essence. Complex and layered, yet subtle in the cup, the Zhejiang Lung Ching is mellow and softly sweet with a crisp finish. Harvest: Spring 2019.

This tea contains a moderate level of caffeine | Steep at 180° for 3 minutes.
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Fresh From Origin

Lung Ching actually means 'dragon's well', and it refers to a local well that, legend has it, is the lair of a benevolent dragon. Dragonwell tea has been presented as a tribute to many generations of Chinese emperors and was the tea served to Richard Nixon in his memorable encounter with Mao Tse-tung. It is praised for its "four uniques": jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnut flavor, and singular shape.

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Explore a variety of teas with our popular sampler set. Six teas included are: anhui keemun, darjeeling spring tip, fujian ti kuan yin, yunnan golden curls, yunnan pu erh white, zhejiang lung ching

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