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pillow time teas

Based on 116 reviews
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pillow time teas
will make 25 cups
Whether you're settling in for the night or just looking to relax, our caffeine-free collection is sure to add comfort to your cup. Cozy up with some of our soothing favorites, guaranteed to lull you into a sense of serenity. Total weight 2.0 oz, makes 25 cups. This set includes:

40 winks - One cup before bed makes for an ideal way to unwind and lull yourself into a deep slumber.
chamomile - A beloved herb from Egypt's Nile River Valley. The aroma of freshly cut apples, calming floral-sweet flavor.
rooibos vanilla - Rich vanilla and sweet, lightly fruity Rooibos herb. Warm sugar cookies, mellow flavor, smooth finish. Yum!
peppermint - A native of the Mediterranean, revered for its cool, crisp aroma, deeply fresh flavor, and smooth finish.

Customer Reviews (116)

Raw Honey for Fruit Tisanes

tea honey
This locally sourced, exquisite raw honey is a perfect complement to the tart notes of fruit tisanes.
honey for fruit herbals

Questions and Answers

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Is the 40 winks tea not sold separately?
Asked by Kelsey Burgess
on January 11th, 2018

I'd like to cold brew 40 Winks to cool down before bed on hot summer nights. How much of the loose tea should I use per quart of water? Thanks!
user icon
Asked by Debra Starr
on June 20th, 2018

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October 28, 2020
Loved that I was able to order small samples of different types of tea to try. And so far, I love all of them. What a difference from...
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