Recipe: Teaster Marshmallow Rocky Road

April 06, 2021

by Kimberley K

Now that most of you have received your free gift with purchase of Teaster Marshmallow- what better way to celebrate than infusing our Teaster Marshmallow into a tasty sweet treat like Teaster Rocky Road! If you missed out, you can grab one on the rewards page in exchange for 100 loyalty points!

The best thing about tea-infused rocky roads is that it takes a lot of the best things about Easter and combines them with delicious Green Rooibos and results in something delicious. That is really easy to make and it's no-bake so it takes such a minimal amount of work and is a great homemade treat to share with your family and friends (sticking to covid rules of course) this Easter.

Before we get into this recipe here’s a little more information about our Teaster Marshmallow and why it’s the perfect blend to infuse into a treat like this!

It’s base is a wonderful Green Rooibos, a naturally caffeine-free plant from South Africa which unlike the usual Rooibos is a bit smoother and lighter with sweet grassy notes. It pairs beautifully with the apricot and apple and the sweeter notes provided by the natural flavors which give the tea a subtly fruity marshmallow-like aroma and that definitely carries through into the flavour profile.

It’s accented with bright yellow marigold petals and cute Easter sprinkles. For us, the natural sweetness of this blend along with the fruitiness and the marshmallow-like notes make this the perfect tea to add into a white chocolate rocky road because it takes a simple easter treat to the next level.


- 300g of White Chocolate (Chopped) | White chocolate works better than milk chocolate for this because it allows the Teaster Marshmallow to shine through much more. Milk or Dark chocolate would definitely be too heavy.
- 70g of butter
- 40g of golden syrup
- 150g of shortbread
- 75g of Marshmallows (Mini ones or quartered large ones)
- 150g of Mini Eggs
- 2 Tbsp of Teaster Marshmallow Blend


Line a 20x20 Baking Tin with greaseproof paper, This will make it much easier to remove your rocky road and reduce mess.

Take your butter and melt it in a small pan, being sure to stir the whole time. Once it’s all melted, add in the 2 tbsp of our Teaster Marshmallow blend. Infuse the tea in the butter again, being sure to stir the whole time. This will help to avoid the tea sticking to the pan and stop clumping. Infuse until you are able to notice a change in colour in the butter and then strain the leaves from the butter. You really only need 50g for this recipe but tea leaves tend to soak butter up like nothing else so i recommend using a little extra just to be safe.

Take you melted butter and add it to a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water along with the white chocolate and the golden syrup. Allow all of the chocolate to melt and everything to combine fully, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool slightly.

Break the shortbread into bite sized chunks. Add the shortbread, marshmallows and 100g of your mini eggs to the chocolate mix and stir to combine everything. When adding your mini eggs you can break them up into smaller pieces but we prefer to add them whole.

Add the now combined mix to your pre-prepared tin and flatten, being sure to press down and make sure it is even spread and packed into all the corners. We advise using the back of a spoon or a silicone spatula to do this.

Use your remaining mini eggs to decorate the top of your rocky road, scattering them evenly. If there are any other decorations you would like to add like sprinkles or edible glitter this is where you would also add them. After you have done this, take your rocky road and place it in the fridge.

Refrigerate until it has completely hardened. This will most likely take a few hours but to be sure we would say to leave it overnight. When you are ready to serve, cut your rocky road into slices. It really is as simple as that and at the end of it all, you have a delicious easter treat to enjoy.

This recipe really is as simple as that! If you have one of our 3oz bags this would be a great way to use it and create a treat that I am sure nobody in your household will be able to resist. One of the best things about this recipe is that it involves no baking so no matter your skill in the kitchen you’ll be able to make this without any trouble.

If you end up trying out this recipe take a picture of your final product and share it with us on Instagram, being sure to tag us and use #MyAdagio so we can see them.