Limited Edition Halloween Teas are Wicked Good

October 20, 2020

by Divya Patel

We are well into my favorite time of the year—autumn! The leaves are beautiful, the air is crisp, and everything is cozy. My tea consumption goes from a mere three cups a day to almost ten! One of my favorites to grab is the Wicked Tea Collection. It is a fun, Halloween themed variety pack of some very delicious teas. You can find Bat Brew, Monster Mash, Pumpkin Potion, Candy Apple, Ghoul Gulp, and Cat Scratch in the set.

These are only available in October, so make sure to grab your set before they're gone!

Bat Brew

Bat Brew is a full-bodied, spicy cup that packs a punch! It is a chocolate chai accented with colorful sprinkles. I like to drink this in the morning when I’m feeling sluggish and need to perk up before work. The flavors are strong, so it would hold its own if you choose to pair it with a treat. It would go perfectly with a morning pumpkin cinnamon roll, if you are into that kind of breakfast (which I definitely am)!

Monster Mash

This is a black tea with caramel and cream notes, spookified with some green sprinkles and candy eyeballs. It is sweet, smooth, and delightful. I drink it plain however it would taste great with any dairy or dairy alternative product—that can bring out the creaminess from the tea.

Pumpkin Potion

There aren’t many things that are more autumnal than pumpkin. This tea screams Halloween! It is a pumpkin honeybush chai accented with some sprinkles—meaning this is a caffeine-free tea. This tea has a nice spice to it—I like to add a little honey to round out the flavor. It is very soothing and since there is no caffeine, you can enjoy it before bed.

Candy Apple

This blend is another one that is so distinctly “fall”. It is a black tea that is flavored with apples, cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel—so aptly named Candy Apple! It reminds me of a delicious apple pie and is really a nice, cozy tea. It tastes great on its own but can also be tasty with a little amber sugar or honey to go with the flavors already in the tea.

Ghoul Gulp

One of my favorites within the set, Ghoul Gulp is a decaf vanilla black tea—perfect for winding down with at the end of the night. This tea has tiny ghouls and colored sprinkles to add a little sweetness. The coconut flakes work nicely with the vanilla tea, it ends up tasting like marshmallows. I like to have this along with whatever dessert I’m indulging in that night—it has a mild sweetness that goes nicely with many kinds of treats!

Cat Scratch

Upon opening the tin, I can instantly smell wafts of French toast coming from the tea. This is another one of my favorites—and for good reason! The base for this tea is the Tiger Eye blend which is a black tea that has caramel, chocolate, and vanilla notes. It has cinnamon pieces and colorful sprinkles mixed in to give it a nice sugared warmth. Just as it smells, this tea tastes like French toast on its own, so I don’t add anything to it. You could add a little bit of amber sugar to enhance the base flavors—it is like dessert in a mug!

I love this set because it is a perfect festive addition to my day. I love autumn and any small thing I can do that reminds me that I’m in of my favorite time of the year is great. The tea blends are delicious, the tins are nicely decorated, and the variety of flavors offers something for everyone. If you love Halloween and tea, you will love this set!

Grab them individually or grab one of each sample tin here!