The Perfect Floral Teas For Mother's Day

April 26, 2022

by Kimberley K

Mother's Day is coming up you might be trying to decide what to send your dear old mum. You've probably gifted your mom everything that traditionally comes hand in hand with Mother’s Day. So, why not surprise her with something new this year in the form of some delicious floral teas and tisanes?

They're perfect for not only the spring and summer season but also as a way to still gift your mother or mother-figure the classic bouquet of flowers!

There's no debate about how tirelessly mums work around the clock. Let's spoil them with a delicious tea that she can sip on to help her find time to relax.

The Sunlit Blooms Set

Three exclusive Mother's Day blends, packaged loose in festive floral tins, are sure to delight. Each tin holds enough to make about 35-40 cups of tea, ensuring you'll be mom's favorite this year and who knows this may be the gift that helps her fall in love with all things tea. It also comes in a teabag option with 30 teabags to enjoy!

Included in this set is Pocketful Of Posie : A relaxing, naturally caffeine-free herbal tea blended from blackberry leaves, chamomile, peppermint, hibiscus, lavender flowers, and rose petals.

A Tisket A Tasket : A sunny, citrusy green tea, with a hint of delicious vanilla. Contains green tea, lemongrass, sunflower petals, citrus peels, and lemon and vanilla flavor.

Then finally Bushel And A Peck : A lightly floral, fruity black tea blend. With black tea, jasmine green tea, citrus peels, chamomile flowers, and orange flavor.

All of which can be enjoyed in multiple ways to suit every season and all are versatile enough to suit the taste of all moms out there.

Golden Flower

If you already know that your mum isn’t too much of a fan of blended or flavored teas, there is no need to worry. There are many teas within Adagio's catalog that have naturally occurring floral notes in their flavor profile, for example Golden Flower oolong.

A tea that is grown at 600 meters above sea level in the misty mountains of Anxi County in Fujian, China under its given name of Huang Jin Gui. It is a rolled leaf style, low oxidation oolong that offers sweet, floral notes of honeysuckle, osmanthus and a subtle creaminess. Perfect for multiple steeps and a great way to introduce your mom to complex oolongs.

Summer Rose

A classic black tea that can be enjoyed with and without milk, hot or iced in the form of the delightful Summer Rose!

This blend invokes the sweet lingering fragrance of late summer roses winding up a garden trellis. It’s mellow and deliciously floral, this rose tea is balanced with the bright briskness of a Ceylon black tea. It will bring to mind green lawns, porch swings and sunny warm days.

Roses are beloved by all so this is bound to be a hit with all moms out there. With spring and summer coming up try enjoying this iced on its own or as an iced latte to help to beat the heat.

If you enjoy adding sweetener to your tea try rock sugar or a teaspoon of raw honey for black tea. It can also be enjoyed hot either on its own or as a hot latte if iced tea isn’t really your mom's thing.

Buddha's Dream

There's also fruity floral blends like Buddha's Dream.

A soft blend of White Tea, Gunpowder Tea, Jasmine Chun Hao Tea, and other fruity flavors- this is a contemplative tea that is can help every mother out there relax instantly from the very first sip.

Just like the majority of the teas mentioned in the post, this can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways because the base teas used lends itself to being prepared both hot and iced and are just and relaxing either way.

Should you choose to sweeten your tea, try using Adagio's raw honey for fruit tisanes to sweeten this cup. The natural fruit flavors added to this blend are present but do not overpower the flavor of the teas. They do tend to become more prominent when this tea is prepared iced, and you could always add extra fruit to this when cold steeping to amplify those flavors.

Motherhood Teas

Also, don't forget the six-sample tin set has a little of everything. From the caffeinated blacks to the caffeine-free tisanes- this is sure to please any palate for any time of day!

These teas are named for the attributes and qualities that are easy to see in our loved ones as well as other messages of love. These include Hero, Hug, Love, Trust, Admiration, and Wisdom. This collection would make anyone feel special!
Get the full details on this set here.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there! Enjoy your tea!