Easy Brewing with IngenuiTEA and Portions

July 27, 2021

by Janelle Wazorick

Are you a new tea drinker and aren’t ready to brew a full pot of tea? Are you an experienced tea drinker and want the convenience of brewing a single cup while allowing your tea leaves to expand as much as possible? Do you like easy clean-ups? Then I have the perfect tea products for you!

IngenuiTEA, the little teapot that could, is great for brewing a one-two cups of tea without taking an entire teapot out of the cabinet. And why not make tea brewing even easier with Adagio’s Portions? Adagio’s Portions, perfectly sized portions of tea in the convenience of individually packed bags, pairs perfectly with IngenuiTEA for an easy, convenient tea experience without sacrificing quality.

Brewing tea has never been simpler.

Adagio’s Portions

Whether it’s for simple brewing or taking some loose tea on the go, Adagio’s Portions doesn’t disappoint! Each portion contains the perfect amount of tea to brew a single cup of tea: 3g for most teas or 1.5g for lighter teas (like white teas). And because each bag is sealed, your tea stays fresh until you open the package.

Portions come in boxes with twelve individually wrapped packages in each box. They come in both sampler packs (twelve packages of twelve different teas) or in a single tea pack (twelve packages of one tea). If you want to expand your palate but don’t know where to start, the sampler packs are a great way to try a variety of teas, from best sellers to a particular type of tea such as black teas, oolongs, greens teas, herbals, and more! If you love taking your favorite tea on the go, then a box of Portions of your favorite tea is a great choice to grab and go.

Using Portions is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Simply open a portion and add the leaves to your tea maker or infuser along with hot water; steep; and strain the leaves. Couldn't be simpler, right?


The Tea Press has met its match. IngenuiTEA is small enough to make a single cup but also has enough space for the tea leaves to freely unfurl and release all its flavor. IngenuiTEA is also perfect for multiple-infusion teas: I always felt a little guilty brewing oolong in a big teapot and only infusing them once (missing out on the subtleties of each subsequent brewing), but with IngenuiTEA, I can enjoy each infusion as a single cup.

IngenuiTEA vs IngenuiTEA 2 vs Iced IngenuiTEA

All IngenuiTEA models have the same basic functions with some minor differences in filters, sizes, and styles. All IngenuiTEA models are made with BPA-free plastic that can withstand the hot water temperatures required to brew tea. There are two IngenuiTEA styles for hot tea and one for iced tea.

IngenuiTEA and IngenuiTEA 2 are both the same size at 16oz and were designed with brewing hot tea in mind.

The differences between the two are minor. IngenuiTEA has marked measurements on the side (for 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz) and features a stainless steel filter that is built into the maker and cannot be removed. IngenuiTEA 2, in addition to its different style, has a removable filter made from BPA-free plastic and comes with an anti-drip trivet.

The Iced IngenuiTEA is identical to the hot tea IngenuiTEA except that it carries 28oz.

Using the IngenuiTEA

No matter the version you’re using, all IngenuiTEAs work the same way and follow the same instructions to brew tea.

1. Heat up water to the temperature for your tea using your favorite method.

2. Measure out your tea leaves (or open a pre-measured package of your favorite Portions). Open up the lid on your IngenuiTEA and add the tea leaves.

3. Pour the hot water into the IngenuiTEA. Close the lid.

4. (This is the hardest step.) Wait for the right amount of time for your tea to brew. Follow the recommended steeping time/water temperature for each individual tea.

5. When the tea has finished brewing, place the IngenuiTEA on top of your favorite mug. This will release the deliciousness into your mug while leaving the tea leaves behind in the IngenuiTEA well.

6. Enjoy your tea!

Cleaning the IngenuiTEA

All IngenuiTEA models are dishwasher safe, making clean-up easy and convenient. The only part that needs to be dismantled for cleaning is the top lid: this is done by gently popping it off the maker. Just as easily as it comes off, it pops back into place.

IngenuiTEA 2 has a removable filter that can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The filter fits firmly in the bottom of the well to keep any tiny tea particles from slipping through into your mug. To remove, grab the filter firmly and wiggle it back and forth gently until it pops out. To replace, push the filter back into its spot until it snaps into place on all sides and sits firmly in the bottom of the well.


Cleaning your IngenuiTea with the dishwasher is both convenient and a great way to save time. After removing the tea leaves from the well, wash your IngenuiTEA the same way you would wash any other plastic utensil in the dishwasher: on the top rack away from the heating element and avoid using any high temperature settings.

Hand Washing

Although it takes a little more time, some people prefer to handwash teaware (myself included). If you prefer to handwash your IngenuiTEA, here's how I like to handwash it.

1. Clean out the tea leaves from the IngenuiTEA.

2. Gently remove the lid. With a little care, it should pop right off. Wash the lid.

3. Fill the IngenuiTEA with soapy water and wash like you would a cup.

4. Press the bottom valve to let the soapy water flush out the bottom part of the IngenuiTEA.

5. Rinse out the top part of the IngenuiTEA with plain water until all the suds are gone.

6. Fill the IngenuiTEA with plain water. Press the bottom valve and let the water clear out the suds from the lower part of the IngenuiTEA. Repeat this step once or twice until the suds have been flushed out.

7. Lay upside down on a drying mat so water doesn’t get trapped in the lower chamber.


Leaking is often caused by debris being caught in the stopper, preventing it from closing fully. A bit of air (from your lungs or hairdryer) is all that is usually needed to dislodge it. With the debris removed, your teapot will function as new.

You may also wish to pull the bottom out to completely clean the valve of any debris if the above does not work.