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gritTEA grinder
tea grinder
The health benefits of tea multiply tenfold when you ingest the leaves, as you do with Matcha. Go beyond green Matcha to create powder version of any tea with the help of our gritTEA tea grinder. Simply add your favorite tea and turn the handle. The grinder will transform the leaves into a delicious powder and place in a portable jar for air-tight storage. Sprinkle tea powder on smoothies, yogurt or cereal to transform all into a font of healthy antioxidants. Multiply the benefits of tea with our unique gritTEA grinder.

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how fine is the grind?
Asked by Karen Tiner
on Mar 10th '17

Would the gritTEA grinder work on dried rosemary? I can't get it fine enough with my mortar and pestle.
Asked by Andrea Hazen
on Nov 26th '17

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