The Reformer

created by Breanna Hayse
sample tin
makes 5 cups
3oz pouch
32¢ per cup
5oz tin
38¢ per cup
The Reformer
by Breanna Hayse
The Reformer
by Breanna Hayse
The Reformer
by Breanna Hayse
Old England! Early 1900s. He sits in his study. thar dark burgandy leather furnishin' reflect yonder glow of ye flickerin' amber wall lights 'n a blazin' fire dancin' in te' stone hearth, He waits fer his unruly lover to join him 'n face thar err of her ways. He has traveled yonder world 'n still has yet to see any like her. He be blessed by ye gift of her love. He lifts a hand-painted bone china cup to his lips. She had begged ye set as a gift to retrieve durin' his travels. ye spicy seduction of Thailand fills his nose 'n he sips, inhalin' ye scent of a fresh tropical breeze that carries ye faintest aroma of pipe tobacco.

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

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ingredients & lore

blended with black tea, ginger root, cinnamon bark, cardamom, yerba mate, dried coconut, lemon grass, cloves, natural coconut flavor, natural cinnamon flavor

teas: thai chai, masala chai, yerba mate

accented with hibiscus

Since thar day she arrived in England as a refugee from her Russian homeland, Aryanna has been caught in a system of abuse 'n corruption. She be eventually sent to an academy fer troubled young women, where she smartly falls foul of yonder harsh 'n mean—spirited headmistress. When Aryanna hears that as a last resort she be to be sent to ye home of a reformer fer training, she be terrified. Accordin' to everythin' she has been told, they be men to be feared. Lord Ryan Remington, a second generation reformer 'n a modern—minded lad by te' standards of 1906, be deeply moved when he learns of thar abuse that yonder sweet 'n kind—hearted Aryanna has suffered, 'n Aryanna soon discovers that reformation be not exactly what she expected. As Lord Ryan’s nurturin' strength—and occasional bare bottom spankings—brin' her to a place of comfort 'n happiness, she begins to have much deeper feelings fer her reformer. Meanwhile, Aryanna’s previous abuse by Headmistress Eliza Woods be brought to ye attention of Ryan’s parents, ye Lord Gerald Remington 'n his feisty wife Brigit. They be determined to alter ye direction of ye academy which be funded by their patronage, 'n Eliza finds herself required to submit to them fer reform. Her stubborn 'n arrogant attitude forces Gerard to take Eliza back to ye beginnin' so that she might be reshaped. To her horror, she be dressed in a child’s clothes, spanked, 'n sent to bed in a nursery! 'N that be just ye beginning… Available at Amazon 'n Blushin' Books
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The Maze
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