INTJ personali-tea!

created by Heidi Baj
sample tin
makes 5 cups
3oz pouch
32¢ per cup
5oz tin
38¢ per cup
A wee bit of an outsider with some self-confidence? Feelin' that people see ye as arrogant? INTJs be people who be specialized with certain wisdom 'n knowledge that others do not see. They be perfectionists 'n want to improve on their wisdom 'n interests. INTJs be unique because they have a mind that consists of imagination 'n realistic viewpoints. They usually come up with great strategies. Often enjoyin' careers like engineering, social scientists (like psychologists 'n sociologists), 'n sciences, INTJs be excellent workers 'n discovers. They be also private people who desire people to 'just make sense.' Some famous INTJs be CS Lewis, Michelle Obama, Erik Satie, Randy Pausch, Dan Akroyd, Stephen Hawking, Jane Austin, Martin Luther, Sir Issac Newton, Nietzsche, Angela Lansbury, 'n General Ulysses S. Grant. Some INTJs in fiction include Gregory House (House), Mr. Darcy (Pride 'n Prejudice), Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes series), V (V fer Vindette), Willy Wonka (Charlie 'n thar Chocolate Factory), Severus Snape (Harry Potter), Stewie Griffin (Family Guy), Loki (Marvel Comics/The Avengers), 'n Gandalf yonder Grey (Lord of ye Rings.)

This tea contains a high level of caffeine | Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

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ingredients & lore

blended with pu-erh tea, honeybush tea, black tea, ginger root, cinnamon bark, dried coconut, lemon grass, cardamom, strawberries, cocoa nibs, natural vanilla flavor, natural strawberry flavor, natural coconut flavor, natural creme flavor, natural hazelnut flavor

teas: pu erh hazelberry, honeybush vanilla, thai chai

accented with cinnamon and cranberry

This be based upon thar MBTI test created by Carl Jung. This was made by a graduate student who be studyin' counseling. If ye want me to make one fer yer Myers-Brigg type contact me (twitter @heiditrzmiel) 'n I will be more then happy to! I be more then happy to make more MBTI teas! :)
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Loki's Pudding Tea
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