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Nara teapot

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20oz teapot
makes 2 cups
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nara teapot set
teapot and 2 cups
Cast iron teaware is traditionally favored for elegant design, heartiness, and ability to retain heat for long periods of time - all attributes that enhance the tea experience. Each teapot is molded, painted and glazed by hand. It is then hand burnished to reveal nature-inspired details. Comes with stainless steel infuser to make steeping and removing leaves easy.

Made in China | 20 oz (0.6L) | 3.75" tall with lid | 3.25" base diameter | Cups, not included with teapot, two 2" tall and 3" diameter

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Nara, the ancient Japanese capital, marked the easternmost point along the infamous Silk Road trading routes. Tea was first introduced to Japan through the gates of this city- it was so rare that only priests and noblemen could delight in its elixir and elaborate rituals were created for its enjoyment. Tea left an indelible mark on Japanese society and has endured as a simple pleasure. The hobnail style of our Nara cast iron teapot symbolizes strength, endurance, and longevity - all elements of great cities and fine traditions.

the making of

Our new cast iron teapots come from Jinghua, in the heart of Zhejiang province, China. These pots (based off a traditional design known as 'tetsubin') are originally from Japan, and they are very difficult to produce in China. It's always a challenge to learn a new art, different from your own, and tea crafts require patience and discipline. As good fortune would have it, however, we met a talented new friend in Jinghua who is spending his life learning this time consuming art.

Mr. Lu is the director of this family owned tea pot factory, inherited from his father two decades ago. He and his siblings run all parts of the business, and a dedication to perfection is evident. During our visit to see art in person, we watch as Mr. Lu pauses several times to take a look at a pot in progress, cheerfully giving feedback to a newer craftsperson on how to better polish or shape the pot. If an imperfection is found at any point - even after painting and buffing - the pot is melted down and begun anew. It's never too late to turn back and try again, and the amount of sorting and inspection that takes place is astounding. Mr. Lu's father still works in the factory, even though he's supposed to be enjoying retirement, and gives lessons to the workers. His son has learned well: a kind, generous and utterly hilarious soul - everything tea itself should be.

This family produces dozens of unique tea pot designs, including some that we've never seen before sold in the United States. We're positive you'll love them just as much as we do, and we hope to bring you new varieties, shapes and colors in the future.

- Adagio Teas

Questions and Answers

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How long would it take for this teapot to rust with water left on it? What parts would rust? Is the inside of the spout glazed as well?
user icon
Asked by Nathaniel
on January 9th, 2017

can this teapot be put directly on a gas burner
Asked by Madelaine Pecci
on December 17th, 2019

Please - when are you getting more of the Nara tea pots?
user icon
Asked by Rebekah Rodrigues
on August 22nd, 2019

can this be put on top of a wood stove
Asked by Cheryl Howald
on March 16th, 2021

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