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Dalian teapot

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8 ounces
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A handmade work of Chinese art, with a tradition going back thousands of years. This pot is made from rare "zi sha" clay ("purple sand"), which is found only in the city of Yixing, in Jiangsu province. These often elaborate and whimsical pots are traditionally used for gongfu steeping, where tea is served in small cups over the course of many very short infusions. Ideal teas for this are oolongs and pu'erhs, although some black teas will be quite lovely, as well. The unglazed teapot will become "seasoned", absorbing the rich tea essences over repeated use. So no matter which tea you choose, it's recommended to dedicate a Yixing pot to a particular type of tea for best flavor.

Teapot made in China, exclusively for Adagio, using the prized Qing Shui Ni clay | 8 oz (0.25L) | 3.5" diameter

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San Francisco, Seattle... Dalian. This ancient coastal city in Northeast China is regarded as one of the beautiful cities in the world, often compared to its American West Coast port cousins. This "City Built in Gardens" is a popular tourist destination, with striking architecture and skyscrapers, numerous parks and sprawling beaches.

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Is Dalian teapot really handmade from Qing shui clay?
Asked by yanshan li
on January 17th, 2017

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