Sirenne Sisters Investigation by Kaa Chan

photo of Scarlet Butterfly
Scarlet Butterfly
Score: 99
by Kaa Chan
pomegranate, summer rose, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Suited Darkness
Suited Darkness
by Kaa Chan
passionfruit, blood orange, dragon fruit dream
photo of Wrench Kitty
Wrench Kitty
by Kaa Chan
earl grey lavender, raspberry green, chamomile
photo of Case of the Forbidden Rose
Case of the Forbidden Rose
by Kaa Chan
hibiscus, summer rose, rooibos peach
photo of Daddy
by Kaa Chan
pu-erh spice, hazelnut, vanilla oolong
photo of Eccentric Editor
Eccentric Editor
by Kaa Chan
irish breakfast, chocolate, cream
photo of Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf
by Kaa Chan
earl grey moonlight, caramel, chocolate chip
photo of Tiny Assisstant
Tiny Assisstant
by Kaa Chan
earl grey lavender, almond, summer rose
photo of Bittersweet Charm
Bittersweet Charm
by Kaa Chan
almond, valentines, dewy cherry
photo of Devilish Dandy
Devilish Dandy
by Kaa Chan
lapsang souchong, honeybush pumpkin chai, gunpowder
photo of Lanida
by Kaa Chan
sour apple, watermelon cooler, lavender lemon
photo of Overworked Detective
Overworked Detective
by Kaa Chan
earl grey bravo, cinnamon, vanilla
photo of Forgotten Moonlight
Forgotten Moonlight
by Kaa Chan
vanilla, butterscotch, maple creme oolong