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photo of bella luna blue
bella luna blue
Rating: 97
40¢ / cup
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matcha hot chocolate
only $9

Signature Blends

photo of The Wide-Eyed Doe
The Wide-Eyed Doe
Score: 99
by Kaa Chan
almond, strawberry, vanilla oolong
photo of The Sharp Talon
The Sharp Talon
Score: 99
by Kaa Chan
chocolate, hazelnut, masala chai
photo of The Black Sheep
The Black Sheep
Score: 99
by Kaa Chan
ginseng green, spiced green, blood orange


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Latest Reviews

Apr 18th '20
Normally, I love green teas, but I was not a huge fan of this one... The taste was alright, but something of the smell just seemed off to me? Perhaps just a bad batch.
Apr 17th '20
That was a lovely green tea! I was pleasantly by how smooth and tasty it was! Definitely a new fave~
Apr 15th '20
This seemed like the perfect tea to have with cookies, and it really was! It's absolutely delightful! I highly recommend!
Apr 14th '20
Definitely an interesting tea. I was afraid of how well Jasmine and Rooibos would taste together, but they surprisingly balance out nicely! Not my favorite blend, but not bad either~
Apr 13th '20
I absolutely adored this! Such a neat twist on Hot Chocolate! The green tea adds the most intriguing flavor... Absolutely lovely when sweetened and made with cream!
Apr 13th '20
Such a lovely tea! I am not a big fan of black tea, but the flavors of this one are really quite good! Drinking this makes me very happy, and I hope to get more next leap year~
Apr 13th '20
Such an intriguing blend! I wasn t sure about having sage in a tea before, but these flavors melt together so perfectly... I love having this on a cold, winter morning. Quite lovely!
Apr 13th '20
This tea is incredible! My favorite blend to have iced! The tartness of the elderberry is balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the other fruits, and I loooove the deep, red color! I couldn t love this tea more!
Apr 13th '20
This tea is amazing! I am so in love with it! Everything about it is simply delightful~ I love having it iced and sweetened. Perfect for enjoying on a warm spring day in the garden!
Apr 13th '20
Such a delightful White Tea! Perfect for relaxing! I like mine with just a little sugar or honey~
Apr 13th '20
My absolute favorite Jasmine tea! These are so flavorful, there s truly none like them! Perfect for relaxing in these troubled times....
Mar 27th '20
Such a nice, nutty flavor! This tea is my go-to on cold, fall mornings. It's absolutely lovely with a bit of sugar and cream... Like drinking a hug@