QAFTEA by Cammerel Dixon

Would you listen to me? Are you listening?
How isn't there a decent Qaf (US) set of teas named after it. You can request more on my Tumblr @Cammerel.

photo of Don't wait too long
Don't wait too long
by Cammerel Di...
cream, oriental spice, rooibos vanilla chai
photo of Another reason to Die Young
Another reason to Die Young
by Cammerel Di...
lapsang souchong, blood orange, rooibos earl grey
photo of Honey, it's what we all need
Honey, it's what we all need
by Cammerel Di...
peach, apricot, pomegranate
photo of I need to be strong
I need to be strong
by Cammerel Di...
currant, candy apple, chestnut
photo of Oh, my consolation prize
Oh, my consolation prize
by Cammerel Di...
black cherry, raspberry, raspberry green
photo of It wasn't half bad
It wasn't half bad
by Cammerel Di...
decaf ceylon, decaf vanilla, decaf spice
photo of Talk about feeling ancient
Talk about feeling ancient
by Cammerel Di...
assam melody, blackberry, grapefruit oolong


photo of Was it WORTH IT?
Was it WORTH IT?
white eternal spring, artichoke green, decaf strawberry