MEGAMAN X by Aleksei Korpov

Fight some more for everlasting peace!
The sequel series to the Megaman series, Megaman X is set in the far future of 21XX, a time with free-thinking, free-willed robots - too many of which end up ending up trying to hurt humanity. In addition to amazing gameplay, the games have a pretty deep plot and also a guy with a ponytail the length of his torso.

photo of Maverick Hunter X
Maverick Hunter X
Score: 94
by Aleksei Kor...
irish breakfast, cream, blueberry
photo of Maverick Hunter Zero
Maverick Hunter Zero
Score: 90
by Aleksei Kor...
forest berries, raspberry, tiger eye
photo of Vile's Spite
Vile's Spite
by Aleksei Kor...
cinnamon, chocolate chai, yerba mate
photo of Maverick Hunter Axl
Maverick Hunter Axl
by Aleksei Kor...
ginseng green, gunpowder, cherry green
photo of Colonel's Honor
Colonel's Honor
Score: 80
by Aleksei Kor...
earl grey bravo, irish breakfast, cream
photo of Iris' Hope
Iris' Hope
Score: 85
by Aleksei Kor...
foxtrot, rooibos vanilla, rooibos jasmine
photo of Sigma's Evolution
Sigma's Evolution
Score: 80
by Aleksei Kor...
mambo, chocolate, hazelnut
photo of Gate's Discovery
Gate's Discovery
Score: 80
by Aleksei Kor...
lapsang souchong, mambo, peppermint
photo of lumine's vision
lumine's vision
Score: 80
by Aleksei Kor...
white peony, white eternal spring, lemongrass